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You want to perform a silent installation of the CodeTwo Signatures Add-in for Outlook for your users without using Group Policy Objects (GPO).

After performing a silent install of a Citrix Provisioning client, subsequent upgrades using the Upgrade Wizard fail because the client fails to reboot. The following two command line switches are required to uninstall Citrix Workspace app: /silent /uninstall. The /noreboot parameter is not needed during a silent installation according to the Citrix documentation. Installation dependencies: No; Other dependencies: No; Reboot required: Yes (for certain components such as Single Sign-on, /includeSSON). Citrix Provisioning Services Target Device Unattended Install Last week I was working on a XenApp 7.9 on Windows 2012 R2 and trying to do a Citrix Provisioning Services Target Device Unattended Install using RES Automation Manager, I ran into issues where the PVS Target Device software would not install. Install Citrix ICA Client 12 Silently. Install Citrix ICA Client 12 Silently Friday, 11 February 2011 by Adrian Gordon. Last updated: Friday, 11 February 2011. The following process has been tested and confirmed as working with the Citrix Online Plug-in (Version 12) and ConfigMgr (SCCM).


If you want to install the CodeTwo Signatures Add-in for Outlook for a group of users or all users in your organization at once, it is recommended to deploy the add-in via GPO. If, for some reason, you cannot use the GPO method, you can use the msiexec command instead.

Use the links below to learn how to:



Things to keep in mind while using msiexec:

  • If you install the CodeTwo Signatures Add-in for Outlook while Outlook is running, the add-in will be launched as soon as the user restarts Outlook.
  • If you uninstall the CodeTwo Signatures Add-in for Outlook while Outlook is running, the uninstall process will take place immediately and Outlook will restart automatically.
  • Installing the add-in by using the MSI file (no matter if you deploy it via GPO or msiexec) means that your users will not have the add-in updated automatically. If possible, it is recommended to use the manual deployment method.
  • You need to launch the Command Prompt / PowerShell as current user (local admin rights are not required to install the add-in). Running the msiexec command from another user profile (for example, by using run as administrator option to start the PowerShell console) doesn’t let you install the add-in correctly.

Installing the CodeTwo Signatures Add-in for Outlook with msiexec.exe

  1. Download the most recent version of the CodeTwo Signatures Add-in for Outlook. You can do so from the CodeTwo Admin Panel. On the Tenants tab, click a tenant name (or the button next to it) and use the menu on the left to go to Signature options > Client-side > Signatures add-in for Outlook. Once there, click the download link, as shown in Fig. 1. Download the MSI installation file to a shared network location.

Fig. 1. Downloading the MSI installer for the CodeTwo Signatures Add-in for Outlook.

  1. Open the Command Prompt (cmd) or Windows PowerShell console as current user (not as administrator) and run the following command:

where <MSI installer> is the location where you downloaded the MSI installer for the add-in, for example:


  1. The add-in should install in a few seconds. Once it is installed, it will be ready to use the next time the user starts their Outlook.

Uninstalling the CodeTwo Signatures Add-in for Outlook with msiexec.exe

Citrix Silent Install Command

To silently uninstall the add-in, you can use the following command

where <MSI installer> points to the MSI file that you used to install the add-in in the first place. If the MSI file is no longer accessible, you can use the add-in’s ID number. For example, in the case of version 1.1.60 of the add-in, the command would be:


To check the ID number of the currently installed version of the add-in, use the following PowerShell cmdlet:

Citrix Receiver Silent Install Parameters

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Software Details Of Citrix Receiver

windows software

Software Name :Citrix Receiver
Version :
Platform :Windows
Vendor :Citrix Systems, Inc.
Architecture :32-bit
Download Path :
Silent Installation Switch :${sharedPath}CitrixReceiver.exe /silent
Silent Uninstallation Switch :MsiExec.exe /X{255A1FC0-9C72-4300-B3BD-A098962DBCFE} /qn /norestart

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