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SECURITY INFORMATION. Whenever you download a file over the Internet, there is always a risk that it will contain a security threat (a virus or a program that can damage your computer and the data stored on it). Citrix StoreFront is an enterprise app store that improves security and simplifies deployments, delivering a modern, unmatched near-native user experience across Citrix Receiver on any platform. StoreFront makes it easy to manage multi-site and multi-version Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environments. Citrix Cloud services simplify the delivery and management of Citrix technologies, helping you to extend existing on-premises software deployments or move one hundred percent to the cloud. Create and deploy secure digital workspaces in hours, not weeks, while placing your sensitive app, desktop and data resources on any cloud or hybrid cloud.

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Citrix Cloud Portal

Allowing Citrix to take responsibility for secure remote access as part of Citrix Cloud may be the icing on the cake for some enterprises. Although actual cloud adoption is minimal to date, many IT organizations are pondering next steps for XenApp 6.5 environments, and the result will likely be more Citrix Cloud adoption near term.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 2012 is a Current Release, which is only supported for 6 months from its release date. You are expected to upgrade every 3-6 months. For a version with a longer support term, see Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD) 1912 LTSR.

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  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD) Upgrades – LTSR vs CR, in-place upgrade from 7.x, migration from 6.5

Build Procedures

Citrix Cloud Storefront

  • Catalogs, Delivery Groups, Zones – MCS ImagePrep, RDSH restart, tags
  • Published Applications, Application Groups, Published Content – App-V, Local App Access, Content Redirection
  • Other Build Topics:

VDA Policies

Census Citrix Secure Sign On


Citrix Cloud Vs On Prem


Citrix Cloud Storefront Access


Citrix Cloud Storefront Login

  • Group Policy Computer Settings – Create GPOs, Windows GPO Templates, Computer Settings, FSLogix, Edge, Teams
  • Group Policy User Settings – Session Lockdown, Internet Explorer, Office, and Chrome
  • Citrix Policy Settings – security, graphics