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Get enterprise-grade desktops and applications out to your employees – wherever they are and on any device – by making the most of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service. This powerful platform is now supported on VMware Cloud on AWS, giving you the added benefit of familiar VMware management tools.

The VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS enables you to create cloud software-defined data centers (SDDC) on AWS with the desired number of ESX hosts. The VMC on AWS supports Citrix ADC VPX deployments. VMC provides a user interface same as on-prem vCenter. It functions identical to the ESX-based Citrix ADC VPX deployments. Sep 22, 2020 Hosting can be provided through a private cloud, on-premise data center, colocation facility, AWS, Azure, or CenturyLink. MTM can support a full range of virtualization stacks from Citrix VMware.

Recent times have shown us that organizations need to be able to quickly enable their workforce – not only in traditional work environments but in many non-traditional ones as well. No matter what your size, you need the agility to extend virtual desktops and applications directly to end users, wherever work takes place. Leveraging public cloud is key to delivering a productive work experience.

Citrix cloud aws azure

VMware Cloud on AWS brings VMware’s enterprise class Software-Defined Data Center software to the AWS Cloud, and enables you to run production applications across vSphere-based private, public and hybrid cloud environments, with optimized access to AWS services and robust disaster protection. Jointly engineered by VMware and AWS – and delivered and supported by VMware and its partner community – this on-demand service helps your IT team seamlessly extend, migrate and manage cloud-based resources with familiar VMware tools, and the same architecture and operational experience on-premises and in the cloud.

Now, your IT team can extend the value of VMware Cloud on AWS even more – with official support for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service, the robust, feature-rich cloud platform for virtual desktops and applications. This support gives you additional agility to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving business environment by securely delivering virtual desktops and applications across your hybrid cloud environment.

Citrix cloud aws azure

The combination of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service and VMware Cloudon AWS allows you to:

Citrix Cloud On Aws Client

  • Rapidly achieve time-to-value and cloud-scale elasticity without refactoring of applications
  • Seamlessly deliver enterprise-grade desktops and apps from the cloud to end users
  • Leverage familiar VMware management capabilities
  • Automatically scale up and down app and desktop workloads with pay-as-you-go IaaS
  • Ease deployment with familiar expertise and tools
  • Implement a comprehensive, intrinsic security solution from the data center to the cloud
  • Unlock features like PVS Provisioning Services that are not available on any other public cloud

For more information on VMware Cloud on AWS and its support of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service, contact us today.

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