Citrix Cloud Monitoring

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  1. Monitoring Insights for Citrix Cloud Monitoring Citrix Cloud with native tools poses challenges, and without direct integrations into your configuration and when issues arise, you may not have the visibility you need. During a recent deployment of Citrix Cloud, we used Azure hosted VDAs, NetScalers, Storefronts and a local Active Directory.
  2. Proactively detect and resolve security threats To guard sensitive data, you need to keep assets and employees secure in real time. Citrix Analytics for Security gives you proactive security protection without complicating your employee experience.

To add your Citrix Cloud credentials: From the Settings screen, click Monitors, and the Manage ControlUp Monitors screen appears. Click Monitor Settings and the Sights and Monitors - Configuration Wizard screen appears. Click Add Cloud Credentials, and the Add New Cloud Credentials popup appears.

Citrix cloud monitoring software

Goliath Technologies, a leader in end user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software, has announced they are introducing the industry’s first Citrix Cloud Connector Module.

This new module monitors not only the health of the entire Citrix Cloud infrastructure but all Cloud Connectors as well. This support expands upon Goliath’s existing capabilities to monitor and troubleshoot on-premises workloads as well as those hosted in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

“Other solutions on the market simply use standard APIs to monitor Citrix Cloud,” shares Stacy Leidwinger, CMO of Goliath Technologies. “With our Citrix Cloud Connector Module, we have taken a more holistic approach, focusing on the end user experience. We proactively alert IT anytime end user experience is negatively impacted, looking at all IT elements whether they reside in Citrix Cloud, the supporting infrastructure on-premises, or hosted in AWS or Azure, as well as the Cloud Connectors.”

Goliath’s Citrix Cloud Connector Module automatically discovers and maps an organization’s entire Citrix Delivery Infrastructure, including Citrix Cloud and Cloud Connectors. Goliath’s embedded intelligence identifies all potential events, conditions, and failure points that could negatively impact performance. Using industry best practices, Goliath alerts IT anytime performance thresholds are exceeded.


Citrix Cloud Monitoring

Citrix Cloud Connector is No Longer a Blind Spot

Goliath’s Citrix Cloud Connector Module automatically discovers your Citrix Delivery Infrastructure, including Citrix Cloud and Cloud Connectors. More than just Citrix Cloud, our module includes embedded intelligence to proactively monitor the Citrix Cloud Connector and automatically alerts you if the cloud connector is down while taking remediation actions to fix issues before users are impacted.

Citrix Monitoring Service

You don’t need to be a Citrix expert or manually leverage scripts because we have the embedded intelligence in the software to automatically monitor for failure points, events, and conditions that can cause end user experience issues and alert you in real-time.