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Citrix App Store

Symptoms or Error

Situation: Customer who had initially two stores created on their storefront console, created a third store and then the third store was deleted. However, when they connect to their Workspace app, it still prompts to choose between the three stores. The third store entry is not present on any of the storefront servers. the end-users are connecting from non-domain joined machines. Customer wants to remove the third store.


These steps need to be followed during off production hours and please take a snapshot of the storefront server and backup of web.config file before making any changes.
  1. Go to this location on your storefront server: C:inetpubwwwrootCitrixRoamingWeb.config
  2. Open the web.config file using Notepad++ (this will make it easy to replicate the changes)
  3. Search for the stale store entry in the file and remove all.
  4. Once we have removed all the entries for the third stale store, run iisreset and test if you are still seeing the third store on workspace app.
  5. Also validate from your storefront server by opening the browser and hitting this url: https://storefrontserverFQDN/Citrix/Roaming/accounts , this will ask you to open/save an XML file and in this you need to validate that no entries for that removed store are present.
Citrix App Store

App Store Citrix Workspace App


6. If you run into any issues with storefront after the above change, we can revert back to previous web.config file and run iisreset to get it to previous state.

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Problem Cause

Citrix App For Windows

Citrix workspace

Citrix Workspace For Windows

Stale store entry present in the C:inetpubwwwrootCitrixRoamingWeb.config for the removed store