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Google Chrome by default will install into a user profile which is problematic for mass deployment in a layer. However Google does provide an “offline” installer that installs Chrome into “Program Files” and this installer should be used with Unidesk if installing into a layer.

The default way Chrome will work is to then copy itself into the user profile when it runs.


The basic installation steps are straight forward:

1.Create a Google Chrome application layer

a.Install Chrome using the offline installer or msi


b.Note on extensions

c.Disable Google Updates (optional)

2.Configure Chrome AD GPO’s

3.Apply the layer to desired desktops

Step 1 Create a Google Chrome Application Layer

Citrix App For Chrome App

The first step is to install Chrome itself.Download the offline installer from here:

Choose the Alternate installer for all user accounts.Then install Chrome.It will install into the “Program Files” directory.

To install extensions please use a GPO

Disable Updates

There are two ways that can be used to disable Google Updates for Chrome.You can use the enterprise GPOs, see the next section or follow this link to disable via the registry

or set the value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesGoogleUpdateAutoUpdateCheckPeriodMinutes to the REG_DWORD value of '0'.

Step 2 (Optional but recommended) Install and configure the Google Enterprise Active Directory Templates In Order To Manage These Settings

The Goggle Chromium project has created a set of GPO settings that can be used to manage Chrome in an Enterprise Environment.

Here is where you can download the ADM files and see the documentation:

Once you have the ADM files installed its very easy to configure Chrome settings.

Additional Resources

Unidesk recommends including the OS Type and OS bit level in the name, for Example Google Chrome 31 Win7x32. For versions remember that when choosing a layer you can see the version name but not the version description. Use naming that will allow you to differentiate versions appropriately. For example “1.0 12-12-2013”.


If you are using a GPO to disable updates just add a version to your layer and open Chrome it will automatically update.If you have used the registry setting to disable updates modify the registry setting to a number other than 0 and open chrome, it will update then you can set the registry entry back to 0.Note: If this doesn’t work for you let me know I was not able to test this in the lab.

It is not possible to add custom extensions for a single user with a NP desktop.

A list containing the majority of Citrix Workspace app for Chrome (formerly Receiver for Chrome) support articles collated to make this page a one stop place for you to search for and find information regarding any issues you have with the product and its related dependencies.

The page is updated daily with new support articles and information. Articles will change from time and if information here is outdated or incorrect please let me know using the comments. Links may also expire or change so if you find broken links, please again let me know. For each issue, known product versions affected are recorded however that does not mean product versions that aren’t listed are not affected.

There is a search box that you can use if looking for a specific fault. For example if you have an error code or error message, use that to perform a search. You can also use your browsers search feature which will perform a search against the whole page based on the words you enter.

Citrix Workspace App For Chrome 2003

Receiver for Chrome / Workspace app for Chrome:

Citrix Workspace App For Chrome

Citrix App For Google Chrome

wdt_IDBrief Description of IssueBrief Description of FixApplicable Product Versions Affected (if known)Link to supplemental Support Article(s)
1Workspace app for Chrome on Chromebooks appears top be ignoring power settings. For example, devices are going to sleep when they are set to not do so.Citrix have an EAR version of Workspace app that addresses power management.
2The keyboard stops working in a Citrix session until you exit and re-enter fullscreen.Rolling Chrome OS back to v70 resolved the issue.Google Chrome OS 71.
3When using HelloID as a Identity Provider for Chromebooks, connecting to StoreFront redirects the user to the Identity Provider login page again.This issues is resolved in Workspace app 1906 for Chrome.
4The Citrix PDF Printer is not getting created, even though policy 'Auto-Create PDF Universal Printer' is enabled.The 'Citrix PDF Universal Printer' driver was not installed on the VDA.
5When attempting to open files from Google Drive you receive error 'Citrix Workspace app can only open files from Google Drive'.This is resolved in Workspace app 1907 for Chrome.