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Like a dummy, I followed the automated prompt Citrix popped up to upgrade my client. This upgrade was to 1904, probably from 1903. Now I cannot connect. I have no idea what products are running on the host, so; I am just a user. Images included. I uninstalled Citrix Workspace, ran the Citrix Rec.

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This update is applicable to CitrixCitrix Workspace app 1904 and above

Citrix 1904

Citrix Workspace app installer starts certain processes during the installation of the software. Citrix Workspace app 1904 for Windows onwards certain changes have been made to the process handling in the installer. Although there is no real impact to end users, certain cases of unattended installation may require modification. This article describes these changes to the Citrix Workspace app installer.

What changed in the Citrix Workspace app installer?

In all versions of Citrix Workspace app 1903 and below, the MSIs which were a part of the installer would initiate various Workspace app processes. If for any reason, a particular process was unable to start correctly, the installer fails, and the machine may become unstable. To circumvent such instability, MSIs do not start processes. Instead, the metainstaller (commonly referred to as TrolleyExpress) initiates the processes now. This makes sure that the machine does not go into an unstable state.

What is the impact of this change?

There should be no impact to end users installing the software. However, if you are attempting unattended installation and waiting for the CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe to exit, you will require to change the logic. As an example, if you are using the following PowerShell command to install Citrix Workspace app, the command will not return even though the software has completed installation – Citrix 1904

Citrix Workspace 1904 Mac

$t = Start-Process .CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe -ArgumentList ‘/silent’ -Wait -Passthru

Citrix Workspace 1904 For Windows Download

You will need to modify this command as shown below, which makes sure to wait on the exit code of the metainstallaer –
$t = Start-Process -FilePath .CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe -ArgumentList ‘/silent’ -PassThru -ErrorAction Stop
if($t -ne $null)
Wait-Process -InputObject $t