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As per example I mentioned above this issue became apparent In my company with users using the citrix receiver or citrix workspace app so the registery key below is aimed at whitelisting the Citrix reciever and workspace app. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 HKEYLOCALMACHINE SOFTWARE Policies Google Chrome URLWhitelist '1'='receiver://.'. Citrix WebHelper for Google chrome can work as invoked mode or Non-invoked mode to access XenApp/XenDesktop resource. The article describes configuration steps for Citrix WebHelper invoked mode. It is essential to have access to back-end application via NetScaler Gateway when Receiver Client Selective Trust (CST) feature is enabled. This article provides detailed steps on how to configure Google Chrome to use the full Citrix WorkSpace Receiver client, rather than the Lite client (HTML5). Under some circumstances, Chrome may revert to using the Lite client and this article will help you to switch to the full client experience. However if you have it running in Windows/Mac enviroment without any issues, it seems to be Citrix Workspace/ChromeOS issue. It runs great on Windows in our environment, unfortunately doesn't work on several hundred chromebooks deployed.

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Applications running in background app screen blanks out.
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open some application. Eg: Browser, text editor.

  2. Open Citrix Workspace app for Chrome or Citrix Receiver for Chrome and then Launch App/Desktop.

  3. Background Application goes blank. i.e. either the browser or Citrix receiver for Chrome / Citrix Workspace app for Chrome storefront page.

Applicable Products

Citrix Workspace app for chrome earlier known as Citrix Receiver for Chrome and older versions of Citrix Receivers for Chrome.


Workaround: Clicking on the blank screen brings back the content of the application.

Roll back to Chrome OS version 66.

Google Chrome Citrix Workspace

Problem Cause

Citrix Workspace App Download

This issue is the result of a bug introduced in Chrome OS 67 by Google. Track Bug here.