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  1. How to install Citrix Workspace App on Chromebooks updated April 2nd, 2020 5. Locate “Citrix Workspace” app in the Apps Folder 6. Go to the Citrix Workspace settings and enter for the Store Address and click Apply. Close and re-open the Citrix Workspace App. You should see the following screen.
  2. One of the problems you may face when launching a Citrix Application in Google Chrome is that.ica may not launch automatically. This is what you have to do to make it work. (Tested only on Citrix XenApp 6.0/6.5) Option A: 1. Login to your Citrix XenApp web interface public facing website. Click on a Citrix application to launch.

Citrix Workspace app is a new client from Citrix that works similar to Citrix Receiver and is fully backward-compatible with your organization’s Citrix infrastructure. Citrix Workspace app provides the full capabilities of Citrix Receiver, as well as new capabilities based on your organization’s Citrix deployment. Citrix Workspace app is built on Citrix Receiver technology, and is fully backward compatible with all Citrix solutions. For more information, please visit the Workspace app.

Symptoms or Error

Download citrix receiver for chrome

This article is intended for Citrix administrators and technical teams only.
Non-admin users must contact their company's Help Desk/IT support team and can refer to CTX297149 for more information.

Applications running in background app screen blanks out.
Steps to Reproduce:

Citrix Extension For Chrome

  1. Open some application. Eg: Browser, text editor.

  2. Open Citrix Workspace app for Chrome or Citrix Receiver for Chrome and then Launch App/Desktop.

  3. Background Application goes blank. i.e. either the browser or Citrix receiver for Chrome / Citrix Workspace app for Chrome storefront page.

Applicable Products

Citrix Workspace app for chrome earlier known as Citrix Receiver for Chrome and older versions of Citrix Receivers for Chrome.



Workaround: Clicking on the blank screen brings back the content of the application.

Citrix Receiver Chrome


Roll back to Chrome OS version 66.

Problem Cause

Chrome Citrix App

This issue is the result of a bug introduced in Chrome OS 67 by Google. Track Bug here.