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As players of the first BioShock game will no doubt know, one of the iconic title’s biggest mysteries is exactly what the game’s silent protagonist, Jack, looks like. Unlike both BioShock 2and BioShock Infinite, there’s no cutscene or cinematic moment that shows players the appearance of the man behind the camera. However, fans have finally managed to dig up a rendered model of BioShock's voiceless hero, and the picture has quickly gone viral.

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Posted to Twitter by user Vincent Kinian, the model render shows off Jack’s appearance during the events of the first game, with the character’s signature wool sweater being immediately recognizable. This is the first time fans have seen the BioShockprotagonist's full appearance, however, the model has been unanimously mocked by fans on Twitter for its strange body proportions and plain features.

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Chris Evans and Cuban actress Ana De Armas sit down to discuss their new film ‘Knives Out’ starring an ensemble cast of Hollywood royalty. The two went on t. Sound the alarms, because Chris Evans just broke the internet — again. After sending fans into a tailspin for wearing a now-viral cable-knit sweater in the movie Knives Out, the actor has opened.

Alongside Twitter users making jokes about the protagonist's appearance, many have also compared the player model to Chris Evans’ popular character in the recent detective film Knives Out. Playing the cocky and hilariously foul-mouthed son of a recently-diseased millionaire, Evan’s character sports a near-identical wool sweater, has a similar hairstyle, and is also clean-shaven. The costume design, in particular, is amusingly uncanny regardless of the fact the two characters don’t exactly look alike, with one commenter even joking that it “looks like Chris Evans if you put him in a microwave.”

I just learned that the BioShock protagonist has a full in-game model, and if I have to know this, then so do you.

— Vincent Kinian (@Video_Game_King) January 12, 2020

Kinda reminds me of this

— Marcelo Ramos (@Marcelopgyn) January 13, 2020

Another commenter reveals that it’s likely the model came from the Rapture-based DLC for Bioshock Infinite titled Burial At Sea,stating that the “geometry is way denser than any model in BioShock 1 or 2”, while also highlighting that the “general aesthetic is also way more in line with Infinite's”. Although there's no confirmation, this would make sense seen as the DLC's ending features glimpses of the first game’s protagonist, likely meaning that a full-body model would have been rendered to feature in those scenes.

However the model came to be, players having the capability to look deeper into the design assets behind their favorite games has quickly become a treasure trove full of interesting discoveries. In recent months, fans have uncovered tons of new details about a number of iconic games, including one dedicated player discovering that the terrifying ghost that haunted Hideo Kojima’s iconic PTwas in fact always behind the player throughout the entire experience. Uncovering Jack’s appearance is yet another to add to the pile of amazing discoveries found by curious players and hopefully signals a lot more to come.


Chris Evans Knives Out Coat

The Bioshock Collection is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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Chris Evans Knives Out Cardigan

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