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The ChillGlobal website explicitly states how it is not a standard VPN, but rather a tool through which you can watch TV channels around the world. This is a vastly different approach than most VPNs take as they try to serve as many customers as they can in one go. Of course, this does have a lot of disadvantages. ChillGlobal is a smart plugin for your web browser that allows you to browse the internet without geographical restrictions. Get access to hundreds of TV channels, social media, e-commerce. ChillGlobal, the best US VPN, could be a real life changer! For example, it allows you to watch TV from the US, wherever you are in the world. You can stay connected and up-to-date with 15 countries regardless of your own location. The world is your oyster!

ChillGlobal lets you watch Movies, TV, Sports, browse the internet, and shop without borders wherever you are in the globe…you don’t even need a credit card to get started…

Chillglobal For Mac

Is it all too good to be true?

No, actually, it isn’t, and no one is more surprised than me….


ChillGlobal works, and not only that it works really well. It’s a fully legit browser plugin with free legal access to 500+ international TV channels…and it’s free to try out the full service without giving them any financial details. Somebody, somewhere at the top of ChillGlobal has a lot of confidence in the service, and after using the service myself for most of last week, that confidence seems well placed.

So what is it, and how does it work?

ChillGlobal is a tiny plugin for web browsers that lets you browse the internet without global restrictions. Basically it lets you decide what part of the world you want your internet to be from and let’s you use it accordingly. ChillGlobal has an appealing philosophy behind what they do. They think that as the internet is global in nature, everyone should be able to access it on a global level.

Most solutions to unblock websites in other countries get very complicated, very quickly. Within seconds of googling a solution, you’re faced with terms like ‘VPN.’ and ‘proxy tunnelling.’ It’s basically the human equivalent of juggling knives while blindfolded and driving a car. Rather than continue to be frustrated about the whole thing, ChillGlobal decided to solve the problem.

So who are ChillGlobal, and how have they managed it?

Chill Global For Mac Download

Most advertised services like this are ad infested pieces of bloatware. ChillGlobal though is different. The service they provide, is actually legal for a start. It’s another one of their guarantees. “100% legal.”

This makes it perfect for expats and business travellers to watch their favorite shows from home wherever they are in the world. Right now, you can access their service from 15 countries around the world, but they are set to expand into other territories soon.

No Credit Card details to try it out…

You don’t even need to hand over your credit card details to give it a go. Everyone gets 20 hours a month free in any case, at full speeds, with no restrictions…

So what’s the catch…there has to be a catch,

God knows, I went looking for one. But there isn’t…

You also get quite a nice number of options to pay as well. Only going away for 3 days? For €1.50 you send an SMS and get 3 days of full service, but if you take a year’s subscription, it only costs €59….

If you want to catch up with BBC 1 from the UK, just type BBC 1 into ChillGlobal’s Smart feature, and it will show up, so you don’t have to go searching through menu after menu to get at what you need. And then if you want to browse like you’re back in Australia, or chilling in England, just click on your country flag icon, and you’re away.

For those of you who like their privacy online, ChillGlobal doesn’t track or keep tabs on behaviour. The plugin is available for both Firefox and Chrome browsers, and is available to try for free; download it from FileHippo here.

All 4

On 30 March 2015, 4oD was merged into and renamed All 4. All 4 is a video on demand service from Channel Four Television Corporation. The service launched on 16 November 2006 as 4oD (shorthand for 4 on Demand). The service offers a variety of programmes recently shown on Channel 4, E4, More4 or from their archives. However some programmes and movies are not available due to rights issues.
The cable and IPTV versions are operated through an appropriate set-top box whilst the internet variant can be accessed via their website. All 4 generated around 215 million long-form video views on all platforms where it is available in the first half of 2011, making Channel 4 the biggest commercial UK broadcaster in the video on-demand market during the period.
All 4 is the main source of on demand programmes from Channel 4, E4, and More4, the catch up service currently lasts 30 days and the archive has thousands of hours of programming.
As of April 2009, the internet version is fully available to Windows, Mac and Linux users with Adobe Flash Player installed.
The 'catch-up' service offers content free of charge a programme for thirty days after its broadcast on Channel 4. At this time, not all content is available to Irish users, due to licensing restrictions, however the majority of the programming is available. Live streaming of Channel 4 and its sister channels is not available outside the UK.
Channel 4 relaunched 4oD on 31 August 2011. At the heart of the changes is ´My 4oD´, allowing registered users to build playlists, schedule shows, maintain a record of what they have watched, save their favourites in a single place and receive in-page reminders from Channel 4 whenever a new episode is available for them to watch. Other features include better full-page viewing and optimised site navigation during viewing.
Blinkbox previously acquired licenses for a number of programmes to be access on its website, although All 4 itself is not available. Some TV series are available for free such as Shameless, Skins, Embarrassing Bodies, and Balls of Steel, while others, for example The Big Bang Theory, Shameless US, and ER have to be bought to be able to watch.
Amazon Instant Video has a content deal with Channel 4, giving its members streaming access to All 4´s archive in a specially-branded All 4 collection.
Netflix has bought the rights to a number of Channel 4 shows such as the The Inbetweeners, Father Ted, and IT Crowd and are shown without adverts. The majority of these shows are set to be removed from Netflix on 15 February 2014.
4oD on SeeSaw had access to 4oD archive of shows such as the The IT Crowd, Skins, The Inbetweeners, Bo´ Selecta!, and many more. In August 2011, all 4oD content was removed from SeeSaw, following SeeSaw´s failure to renegotiate its deal with Channel 4.

All 4 is available as part of Freesat´s second generation Free Time guide since 27 June 2013, offering the last seven days of programming integrated to the TV guide and access to the All 4 archive via the on demand section.
All 4 is available on Virgin Media´s cable television service. This platform offers programmes for 7 days after broadcast and Virgin has exclusive use of most of Channel 4 archive which is free on XL package. In 2007, Virgin Media announced plans to offer high definition programming through All 4 but as of 2012 no further information has been released.

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