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  1. Description The Sikky Manufacturing LSx To CD00x Transmission adapter allows you to use any of the CD00x (CD001-CD009 6 speed) transmissions behind any GM LS engine. This readily available 6 speed transmission can be found in the Nissan 350z, 370z as well as the Infiniti G35, and G37.
  2. The CD009 transmission was the final revision to the VQ35DE RWD transmission, and was originally shipped in the 05-06 350Z, 05-06 G35 Sedan, and 05-07 G35 Coupe. This revision featured stronger synchros in addition to other small design tweaks and is generally considered the.

The CD00A is identical to its predecessor, the CD009. This is the current updated part number used by Nissan and is in no way different than the CD009. Clutch and flywheel are not included however they do come pre-filled with factory fluid. So this transmission will not fit a 2008 350 HR? Lexus LS400 1UZ to CD009 ( 350Z 370Z 6 - speed ) Manual Transmission Conversion Kit. Be the first to review this product. Lexus LS400 6-Speed Conversion Kit Includes the Following Parts This is a compiled parts list (that is subject to change at any moment, as better, more affordable systems come onto the market): -Collins A340/A341 Automatic.

Official release has finally arrived for our Nissan CD trans (from the Nissan 350Z and 370Z, as well as Infiniti G35 and G37) to JZ engine adapter (all 1JZ, 2JZ-GE, and 2JZ-GTE engines)! While currently the adapter, TOB kit, and multi-plates clutch solutions are the only items released for this package, we are now working on a complete SC/Mk4 and IS300/Altezza install kit. This kit will also fit the 7M, however we do not have flywheel solutions for that application. We can custom make one to order, however please expect it on backorder for months and cost $1000+!
Clutch options:
As of right now, we have twin rallye disc (7.25' or 8.5') QuarterMaster clutches currently available. The single disc options are 'off the shelf' Nissan 300ZX turbo clutches (90-96), however they will require our proprietary flywheel. In either case, you will need the Quarter Master QMI internal slave cylinder/hydraulic throw out release bearing.
With this adapter, you will use an internal hydraulic throw out bearing/slave cylinder (optionally included with the kit, as well as hardware) with the factory automatic A340E/A341E 2JZ bellhousing.
In most cases, you will most likely not have to do any clearancing of the chassis, as you will need to cut off the Nissan bell housing (which is non-removeable/non-serviceable) and replace it with the auto JZ J3 bell.
Expect a few of our SupraStore project cars to be equipped with these as well!
This will fit all versions of this transmission (CD001, CD003, CD005, CD008, CD009, JK41A, JK41B, JK40C, 1EA0A, 1EA0B), both 350Z and 370Z. Regardless of if yours has an internal or external slave cylinder setup (Nissan swapped to an internal later on), you will use our kit parts to make it easy and simple. This transmission has been proven to handle over 1000rwhp without opening it up!
We have included in-progress pictures of the transmission kit. Please note that the transmission itself is not included.
We have at least one customer with a 7MGTE that has successfully installed this plate and 6 speed to his engine, however we do not currently have any plans to offer any further 7M specific parts for the conversion. The good news is we have a finished flywheel design available (scroll down) to fulfill 7M owner needs!
We can also supply a twin disc QuarterMaster clutch setup that include a button flywheel, which will need to be drilled for the 7M crank's bolt pattern.

Included with purchase on this listing:
☼ Adapter plate with hardware to install
☼ Thin aluminum spacer shim
☼ Quill tube for mounting the hydraulic throw out bearing
☼ Pilot bushing adapter, with bushing installed
☼ Throw out bearing (optionally)

Q: What will I need to complete the swap?
A: You will need
☼ This adapter plate
☼ Nissan 6 speed manual from any (preferably 2006+) 350Z, 370Z, G35, or G37
- If you are going to use a single disc clutch, you will need any Z32 turbo off the shelf (that we can provide and stock). You will also need our custom flywheel. The W55, W58, R154, V160, etc. flywheels do NOT fit.
- If your application will need a twin disc clutch, you will not use our custom flywheel. We offer the Quarter Master solutions, which use a button flywheel and require the factory auto flex plate to use as a ring gear to engage the starter.
You will also need the following chassis specific parts:
☼ Custom shifter (that we are working on for the IS, SC, MkIV, and MkIII chassis')
☼ Driveshaft
☼ Crossmember/transmission mount and bracket
-If you have an auto trans you're replacing, you will also need the clutch pedal, master cylinder, and clutch lines.

We now also offer a solid steel clutch alignment tool as an alternative to a throwaway plastic one. This alignment tool is definitely recommended for multi disc clutch setups, as it makes installation of the transmission far easier. The steel version also resists the clutch disc from eating the splines, as we often see on the plastic versions.
The 'SupraStore recommended' clutch is the FX400 6 puck sprung disc, which has stock feel and is capable of holding 500+ HP!.
There's also the option for an extra friction surface ring for the flywheel. One is already included with flywheel purchase. With aluminum flywheels, they do not get turned/machined down like iron/chromoly ones. Instead, the surface is infinitely replaceable, and comes with new hardware as well!
We typically recommend using a 3/4' bore master cylinder with this kit. Some of our customers have had success using a stock replacement master cylinder, but for best results (and what it is designed for), the 3/4' is the way to go. We offer a Tilton master cylinder kit, which should bolt on to popular chassis swaps like the MkIV Supra, SC300/SC400, or IS300.
Here's a video of Sound Performance running a 9 second 1/4 mile on this transmission. They later turned up the boost to 1248rwhp without breaking the transmission!

Why Choose a CD009 transmission for your LS swap?


Cd009 Rb25

Collins adapter cd009

The transmission you choose significantly impacts your satisfaction with your LS conversion. Not only that, but it also plays an essential role in your ability to complete an LS swap successfully.

Because of their reliability and performance, it’s common to choose a T-56 transmission for an LS Swap. Nevertheless, going this route can be pricey. With T-56s and other 6-speed transmissions becoming increasingly rare, surging prices leave enthusiasts looking for cheaper alternatives.

Common Transmission

Typically, those looking to perform high horsepower motor swaps choose a T-56. As of January 2020, a standard T-56 averages $2,500. For someone looking to complete a 6-speed LS swap without spending a lot of money, the T-56 may be out of their budget.

Finding Alternatives

Nevertheless, affordable 6-speed options still exist. Perhaps the best budget-conscious transmission for any motor swap is the CD009 transmission found in the ’05-’06 350z and g35. Costing only $1,700 brand new from Nissan or around half the price used, this 6-speed transmission is the perfect solution for those on a budget.

Although intended for use in a select number of cars, a growing community of enthusiasts has brought adapter plates to the market, which allows this transmission easily adapted. G Force offers “bolt-on” adapter plates to mate the CD009 to LS and Vortec motors. In addition to adapter plates for the LS series of engines, a search for CD009 adapter plates will present a wide variety of options. From Honda and Toyota to Ford, there is likely an adapter plate that makes this transmission work for you.

How Does It Compare?

Cd009 To Ls Adapter

The Strengths

When considering this transmission, the biggest and most appropriate question is, will it hold the power of my motor swap? The CD009 has gained its popularity in the swap community through consistently holding high power. Although there are no official torque ratings for this transmission, it has proven reliable in cars with over 1000 whp, which is more than enough strength for the average motor swap. Consequently, those looking for an alternative 6-speed for their LS swap should look no further.

Cd009 Ls

Although this transmission has proven its strength, some confuse the strong CD009 with earlier generation transmission found in the ’03-’04 350z. The earlier version was known to grind between gears. It should be noted that halfway through 2004, they updated these transmissions with stronger triple cone synchronizers in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear. When compared to the typical T-56 magnum, which only has triple cone synchronizers in 1st and 2nd, the CD009 is an amazing transmission for the price.

Final Consideration – Gearing

The last thing to consider about this transmission is the gearing. Gearing plays an enormous role in how your vehicle performs. Long gear ratios accelerate slow, but offer higher top speeds and less shifting time, while shorter gear ratios will help accelerate your car faster but force you to shift more often. When considering gear ratios, the lower the number, the higher the gear ratio.

When comparing the ratios between the CD009 and T-56, it becomes apparent that the T-56 offers much longer gears. For those looking to remain in the motor’s powerband on the track or with spirited driving, a CD009 is a great option. However, a T-56 performs better in drag racing applications where the longer gears reduce shifting time.

Cd009 Rb26


Cd009 Trans

Gear Ratio Comparison


The Pros:

    • Inexpensive
    • Readily Available
    • Smooth Shifts
    • Very Strong

The Cons:

    • Gearing

The Conclusion

Although the CD009 is an underdog in the swap community, it has proven to be a reliable and stable swap option. Those looking to swap out their transmission with a CD009 will be pleased to know that several adapter plates make this transmission work with whatever motor they utilize.

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