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Canada Post Estimated Delivery Time from Canada to Ireland; 1. The estimated delivery time is the total transit time of your packages. In other words, it is the total days a package on the route. The estimated delivery time is auto calculated by the system from the last six month of our large amount of data. It is an average number. Any additional questions on this policy can be referred directly to the Partnerships Division, Admissibility Branch, Canada Border Services Agency headquarters in Ottawa on 613-946-0240. Here is an indication of restricted items for mailing to Canada. For further information, or further clarification please refer to the Canada Post website. The compensation to be paid in respect of International Parcels booked in Post Offices in India in case of loss / total theft / total damage are as under: For loss / total theft / total damage – Up to 40 SDR. per parcel and 4.50 SDR. per kg.1 SDR = INR 101.4591 ( For.

For better peace of mind, use registration, as signature of receipt will be collected upon delivery.

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  • Mail-O-Matic – Effective Direct Mail Programs. Canada Postage Rates. Mailing can be complicated, but Mail-O-Matic is here to help! If you are mailing more than 500 letters, you may be eligible for a discount by working with us as your Canada Post Smartmail Marketing TM EXPERT Partner. Let us guide you through the process and save money along the way!
  • Canada Air Mail Stamps The first Canada air mail stamps appeared in 1928. The impressive first issues feature allegorical representations of flight, and the wartime issues feature the contributions of the Canadian aircraft industries.

The service comes with the following features:

Service Features
DestinationOver 200 destinations
Delivery speedIt will take 4 to 24 working days for air mail items to reach recipients, subject to flight availability, progress of customs clearance and aviation security check, etc. Sundays and public holidays are excluded for the purpose of determining the date of posting or arrival in Hong Kong for all mail items and for performance measurement under the performance pledges.
For delivery standards of individual destinations, please refer to 'Postage Rates and Services - Section 8 : Delivery Standard (POS 15 Supplement)'
Mail trackingTrack-and-trace information is available only for destinations where the local postal administration concerned provides the required tracking information.
Signature serviceYes
Certificate of PostingFor posting of international registered items, use registration of barcode label and indicate it properly on the Certificate of Posting at the counter. For customer using EC-Ship Online Portal, download a Certificate of Posting from the platform within six months from the date of posting.

Remark: The Certificate of Posting should be kept safety until confirmation of delivery. Regarding the delivery status, customer can lodge mail tracing enquiry to our Mail Tracing Hotline on 2921 2211 or complete the enquiry form (Pos28B) which is obtainable at Hongkong Post website or any post office.

In the case of damage or loss to a mail item, we will compensate you in accordance with the Universal Postal Convention and its Regulations. The maximum compensation amount is HK$320 plus the postage paid. You may choose to purchase optional insurance for higher valued items.

Prior to mail posting, customers can click here to check for the “Overseas Post - Service Information by Destination” of the Post Office Guide.


The postage rates is set by reference to the mail format classifications (i.e. Small Letters (P), Large Letters (G) and Packets (E)), weight and destination. A registration fee of $15.5 per item is charged and must be prepaid in addition to the postage.

Please press this to check for the postage rates for air letter/packet.

  • Maximum weight:
    • Small Letters (P): 50g
    • Large Letters (G): 500g
    • Packets (E): 2kg
  • No service to Macao.
  • Airmails to Mainland China will be airlifted to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou for China Post's onward delivery to the destinations by air, road or other mode of transport.

Mails should not bear a non-Hong Kong return address or enclose any mail sent on behalf of other senders.

Canada Post Mail Forward

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Size and Weight LimitsOpen/collapse

Small Letter (P)

  • Maximum dimensions: 165 mm x 245 mm x 5 mm (thickness)
  • Minimum dimensions: 90 mm x 140 mm
  • Maximum weight: 50 g

Large Letter (G)

  • Maximum dimensions: 305 mm x 381 mm x 20 mm (thickness)
  • Minimum dimensions: 90 mm x 140 mm
  • Maximum weight: 500 g

Packet (E)

  • Maximum dimensions: length, width and depth combined: 900 mm, but the largest dimension may not exceed 600 mm
    For roll form: length plus twice the diameter: 1 040 mm but the largest dimension may not exceed 900 mm
  • Minimum dimensions: 90 mm x 140 mm
  • Maximum weight: 2 kg

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Surface mail is transported via truck, rail, and ship, rather than by plane, as in this FedEx Ground truck.

Surface mail, also known as sea mail, is mail that is transported by land and sea (along the surface of the earth), rather than by air, as in airmail. Surface mail is significantly less expensive but slower than airmail, and thus is preferred for large or heavy, non-urgent items and is primarily used for sending packages, not letters.


The term 'surface mail' arose as a retronym (retrospective term), following the development of airmail – a term was needed to describe traditional mail, for which purpose 'surface mail' was coined. A more recent example of the same process is the term snail mail (to refer to physical mail, be it transported by surface or air), following the development of email.[1]

By country[edit]


The Israel Postal Company (Hebrew: דואר ישראל‎, romanized: Do'ar Yisra'el) offers international surface mail (known as 'sea and land mail,' (Hebrew: דואר ים ויבשה‎, romanized: Do'ar Yam v'Yabasha).[2]

United States[edit]

In 2007, the US Postal Service discontinued its outbound international surface mail ('sea mail') service,[3] mainly because of increased costs. Returned undeliverable surface parcels had become an expensive problem for the USPS, since it was often required to take such parcels back.[4]

Domestic surface mail (now 'Retail Ground' or 'Commercial Parcel Select') remains available.

Alternatives to international surface mail include:

  • International Surface Air Lift (ISAL). The service includes neither tracking nor insurance;[5] but it may be possible to purchase shipping insurance from a third-party company.
  • USPS Commercial ePacket. The service is trackable.
  • Ordinary first-class international airmail.

Senders can access the International Surface Air Lift and ePacket services through postal wholesalers. Some examples of such wholesalers include:

  • Asendia USA (accessible through the Shippo website to users who have an Asendia account),[6]
  • Globegistics (now owned by Asendia), and
  • APC Postal Logistics.

If a sender sends an ISAL mailing directly through the USPS (without a wholesaler as an intermediary), the minimum weight is 50 pounds per mailing.[7] ePacket mailings can never be sent directly through the USPS; senders must always use a wholesaler.

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Canada Post Air Mail
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