Brew Python3

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Brew Python3 Default

tldr; install brew; brew install python

Homebrew is a great installer for Mac and its main job is to make it easier to install packages.

Step 1: Download Homebrew here

'brew' hosts its package information here as “formulae“.

Nov 29, 2020 brew link -overwrite -dry-run python3 but you have to copy/paste the command to force the link which is: brew link -overwrite python3 I think that you must have the version (the newer) installed. A brew upgrade upgraded my system Python to Python 3.7. Unfortunately, Python 3.7 breaks other software I need to use (including but not limited to Ansible). I imagine these problems will be worked. $ pyenv install 3.7.6 python-build: use [email protected] from homebrew python-build: use readline from homebrew Downloading Python-3.7.6.tar.xz. Have Homebrew manage Python 3 The Homebrew project provides a free and open source package manager for macOS that many people rely on. It gives Apple users a power similar to apt-get or yum. If you are a Homebrew user, you may already have Python installed.

Step 2: Use brew to install the latest version of Python

Brew Python3

$ brew install python --verbose

Now you can run python3 in your terminal

Brew Python3 Pip

> python3

More details: So what happens when I run brew install?

When you run the command, brew will look for the package in the “formulae” list and run the installation script for the package.

Brew installs *all* packages into its own directory on your computer at /usr/local/Cellar .


Take a look with $ ls /usr/local/Cellar.

Brew Python3.7

After installation, brew creates a symlink which is basically a shortcut that will allow your system to run the new command > python3.