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Installing MySQL and MySQL Workbench on macOS using Homebrew - Nov 03, 2014 brew install phpmyadmin Configurations. Now, lets configure the installed components and make sure they work as expected. To make the services run at startup, provide.

Keeping software updated can be very time consuming because let’s face it, software runs our lives. Unless you’ve been living in the forest the past 20 years, you use software daily. As a Developer, I use phpMyAdmin, it’s my app of choice when managing databases because it runs smoothly, and it’s free. I love free, don’t you?

Now there comes a time in a Developer’s life when he/she needs to upgrade their phpMyAdmin installation. But since it’s one of those things that isn’t entirely “urgent” for the most part, security updates aside, we tend to put off upgrading until we start to see rust (metaphorically speaking).

Brew install phpmyadmin catalinaBrew Phpmyadmin

Automatic upgrades for phpMyAdmin


I’m going to assume you’re using a Linux/Unix server, and know how to use the command line, since that’s the way I roll. If you don’t have git installed, just type:

Now let’s grab the latest phpMyAdmin code:

Brew Phpmyadmin Config

Brew phpmyadmin config

This says, go into my home/workspace directory, and pull the latest version from git, but not the entire git history.

Next, let’s create a command line script to run the updates. I’m a Florida PHP Developer, so we’ll use PHP. Name the script update_phpmyadmin.php for simplicity.

Before being able to use this script, we need to make it executable; type this:

Finally, let’s schedule the task with cron so it runs automatically:

There you go, you’re automagically updating your phpMyAdmin install.

Why not use apt-get or yum or brew?

Macos brew phpmyadmin

You might be asking why not just use apt-get or yum or brew (MAC) to automatically update phpMyAdmin. The answer is simple. You want the latest from phpMyAdmin, and apt-get/yum tend to fall behind. If you want the latest phpMyAdmin, use this approach.


You just learned how to get phpMyAdmin to auto update. Use with caution; not responsible if you break something. Should you need PHP Developer help, contact us for a quote.

Brew Uninstall Phpmyadmin


Please confirm your code works locally before pushing to a web server. Please eyeball the code before running it to confirm it will not destroy you system. Not responsible for any damages.

Assume we already have Valet and MySQL on our machine. What if we want to access our databases through a graphical user interface like phpMyAdmin without running a whole platform like XAMPP or MAMP?

Install PhpMyAdmin

Go to phpMyAdmin’s directory and link as a Valet site

In the snippet above, I linked the directory as pma, make sure Valet is started, then we can access the site at pma.vl (my Valet domain is set to vl).

Configure phpMyAdmin

By default phpMyAdmin does not allow login with a blank password, therefore we cannot login with MySQL default root user. To disable this, open the file and find the line that has AllowNoPassword, uncomment and set it to true.

Login again and enjoy!