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After years of brewing beer at home and honing her craft, Briana Brake turned her passion into a profession by starting Spaceway Brewing Company in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. She was steadily building a following, and things were looking up for 2020, with opportunities bubbling on the horizon when COVID-19 hit. Homebrew-firefox Summary. Note: now serving up to Firefox 49. An Homebrew Cask tap for installing older Firefox versions. Forked from smclernon and updated to work with new Cask header style. It is assumed that brew and cask have already been installed. If not refer to the quick start commands below (refer to the linked sites for further explanation). Note: a 'Standalone Edition' existed with version 0.9 and lower, containing SlimerJS and XulRunner, the Firefox runtime. But Mozilla cease to build XulRunner (latest release was 40.0) and even removed the source code from the Firefox source trees.

Inspired by a Gist from kevinelliott - thanks!

Install from App Store

  • Xcode - for command line tools required by Homebrew

Install from Third-Party Websites

Xcode Command Line Tools

Need to be installed for all the fne stuff in the latest section

Xcode > Preferences > Downloads > Command Line Tools



Run Xcode and accept the license! Homebrew can not install properly until this occurs.

Install Homebrew

If this is not a fresh install of Homebrew, go ahead and purge the complete installation first:

Brew firefox developer edition

Now install Homebrew

Install common libraries via Homebrew

Install Cask application manager

Install applications via Homebrew Cask

The following software is still in testing and not part of my default setup:

Install Chrome extensions

Some extensions are not pulled from your Google account, so re-install theam manully now:


Firefox profiles

TODO make sure the profiles are registered

After setting all the preferences, you need to reboot or at least restart Finder:

If you are curious, check this file for more possible settings.

Setup Github



Ruby & Gems

Prepare a sandboxed ruby environment

within we install some gems

Vagrant and plugins

Install custom .dotfiles at the end, cause we utilize some of the previously installed packages

Instructions for a supported install of Homebrew are on the homepage.

This script installs Homebrew to its preferred prefix (/usr/localfor macOS Intel, /opt/homebrew for Apple Silicon) so thatyou don’t need sudo when youbrew install. It is a careful script; it can be run even if you have stuffinstalled in /usr/local already. It tells you exactly what it will do beforeit does it too. You have to confirm everything it will do before it starts.

macOS Requirements

  • A 64-bit Intel CPU or Apple Silicon CPU 1
  • macOS Mojave (10.14) (or higher) 2
  • Command Line Tools (CLT) for Xcode: xcode-select --install, orXcode3
  • A Bourne-compatible shell for installation (e.g. bash or zsh) 4

Git Remote Mirroring

You can set HOMEBREW_BREW_GIT_REMOTE and/or HOMEBREW_CORE_GIT_REMOTE in your shell environment to use geolocalized Git mirrors to speed up Homebrew’s installation with this script and, after installation, brew update.

The default Git remote will be used if the corresponding environment variable is unset.

Alternative Installs

Linux or Windows 10 Subsystem for Linux

Check out the Homebrew on Linux installation documentation.

Brew Uninstall Firefox

Untar anywhere

Just extract (or git clone) Homebrew wherever you want. Just avoid:

  • Directories with names that contain spaces. Homebrew itself can handle spaces, but many build scripts cannot.
  • /tmp subdirectories because Homebrew gets upset.
  • /sw and /opt/local because build scripts get confused when Homebrew is there instead of Fink or MacPorts, respectively.

However do yourself a favour and install to /usr/local on macOS Intel, /opt/homebrew on macOS ARM,and /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew on Linux. Some things maynot build when installed elsewhere. One of the reasons Homebrew justworks relative to the competition is because we recommend installinghere. Pick another prefix at your peril!

Brew Firefox

Multiple installations

Create a Homebrew installation wherever you extract the tarball. Whichever brew command is called is where the packages will be installed. You can use this as you see fit, e.g. a system set of libs in /usr/local and tweaked formulae for development in ~/homebrew.

Brew Firefox Nightly


Uninstallation is documented in the FAQ.

1 For 32-bit or PPC support seeTigerbrew.

2 10.14 or higher is recommended. 10.9–10.13 aresupported on a best-effort basis. For 10.4-10.6 seeTigerbrew.

3 Most formulae require a compiler. A handfulrequire a full Xcode installation. You can install Xcode, the CLT, or both;Homebrew supports all three configurations. Downloading Xcode may require anApple Developer account on older versions of Mac OS X. Sign up for freehere.

Brew install firefox esr

Brew Cask Firefox Nightly

4 The one-liner installation method found requires a Bourne-compatible shell (e.g. bash orzsh). Notably, fish, tcsh and csh will not work.