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Atom Supplies Limited, trading as Master of Malt. Registered office: Unit 1, Ton Business Park, 2-8 Morley Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1RA. Registered in England & Wales. Company number 3193057, VAT number GB 662241553.

Reviewed by Rob

My fourth beer from Atom Brewing, although there’s only three reviewed so far. You can read my fawning, gushing comments about this brewery further on in the blog. Let’s just say they’re one of my favourite breweries at present.

Here we have a chocolate stout brewed to 4.5%abv. Not overly strong so I’m guessing a little reserved with it’s flavouring.

First Impressions

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I’ve had a few beers from Atom now and we seem to have different labels from those in the supermarket to those sold by indie stockists. I quite like this difference, and the indie label wins hands down but alas there’s very little information here.

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The beer pours like your classic stout, a thick liquid like oil that fills the glass with black. The head was quite lazy in forming, a honeycomb of moderately sized bubbles that reduces in size quickly enough, just a line around the beer glass and a small patchy covering remains. This soon disappears as you drink.



The beer has scents that are not just chocolate but coffee and even a little kirsch, almost a Black Forest gateau but not quite. There isn’t the sweetness you’d associate with the German cake perfection.



Not as chocolate/coffee/cherry as the aroma in fact this is a beer that is a stout first with only hints of those flavours. Roasted malt and dark caramel flavours dominate with the former carrying right though first taste to finish. The beer is drying and has hop bitterness on the tongue as you drink with the aroma carrying though and leaving you with the sensation of chocolate rather than an out and out taste.


Some chocolate flavoured beers can taste artificial, uncouth and obnoxious. Too much flavouring and not enough beer leave you feeling like you’re drinking a poor milkshake substitute but not here. This is a stout and you know that from the first taste. The chocolate is more in the aroma and sensation rather than the taste and the brew is better for it. Restraint from the brewer triumphs here, this is a fine beer, not a poor anything else.

Contact Information

Atom Brewing Co., Unit 4 Food & Tech Park, Malmo Road, Hull, HU7 0YF


Twitter @atombeers

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Brew Atom

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