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  1. Bootstrap Markdown Editor

Bootstrapicons is a search tool for icons in the bootstrap framework created by Brent Swisher.

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Beside using above data-attributes, you could call it via code

Available options are:

Bootstrap Markdown

Bootstrap Markdown Editor

Option NameTypeDescription
autofocusbooleanIndicates that editor will focused after instantiated. Default to false
savablebooleanIndicates that editor will have save button and action. Default to false
hideablebooleanIf set to true then the editor will be hidden on blur event. Default to false
widthmixedThe editor width. Default to inherit. You could supply any numerical value (that will be set as css), or supply valid Bootstrap class (something like span2)
heightmixedThe editor height. Default to inherit
resizestring Option to disable or change the resize property, possible values none,both,horizontal,vertical. Default none
If this option is enabled, the user will be able to resize the editor and preview screen.
Browser support

This is currently only supported on limited browsers. See Can you run it: Resize for all supported browsers

iconlibrarystringThe icon library to use. Glyphicons (glyph) and Font Awesome (fa) are supported. In order to use Font Awesome properly, you'll need to include Font Awesome stylesheet yourself. Default to glyph
languagestringLocalization setting. Default to en
footermixedFooter dom. Can be string or callback. Default is empty string
fullscreenobjectContains enable (bool) and icons (object) keys.
hiddenButtonsmixedArray or string of button names to be hidden. Default is empty string
disabledButtonsmixedArray or string of button names to be disabled. Default is empty string