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The Blender Minecraft Rigpack that includes up-to-date blocks, mobs, and accessories. Blender is cross-platform, it runs on every major operating system: Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 macOS 10.13+ Linux. All efforts to make Blender work on specific configurations are welcome, but we can only officially support those used by active developers.

Free Download:

Blender market is the final asset up my sleeve when I have to convince coworkers and future clients to include Blender in their framework. It’s obvious that such engine needs an asset store, sure, I’m still forever grateful that you guys invested the time and money to make it reality. Requires glibc 2.17 or newer. Suits most recent GNU/Linux distributions. Blender 2.92.0 was released on February 25, 2021md5 sha256.


Legacy Versions:

Minecraft blender models

BSS Edit:


In this rig you'll find a complete set with all of the things you'll need to get started creating your own minecraft animations, thumbnails or renders. The rig contains characters, blocks, mobs, items and more!

What is the BSS Edit?

Back in 2017 I handed over future development of this rig pack to Boxscape Studios.
Since then they have done an absolutely fantastic job at keeping the rig pack up to date and adding a bunch of cool new things.
You can visit them at Boxscape Studios: Website, Twitter

Does this rig work with Blender 2.8?

Yes. Both the Cycles version and the BSS Edit works in Blender 2.8 and above.
The Internal version will no longer work as the internal render engine has been removed from Blender 2.8.

I’ve been spending the Easter weekend getting back into blender again. I was originally going to do some mode coding, but I felt like doing something a little creative to relax a bit rather than try and program anything complex. I’m also getting a little frustrated with my lack of progress of my game code, so I thought I’d try something different.

After a long absense, in order to get back into blender I’m following the beginner tutorial series from CG Fast Track. There have been many changes to Blender since I used it last, so it was quite refreshing to go through a recent tutorial with the latest version (2.92) rather than trying to follow an old tutorial and translate it to the new version. After an hour or so this is what I finally came up with:

Minecraft Blender Rig Download

Blender minecraft map

How To Use Blender Minecraft

The tutorial does go through creating a 10 second animation, but I found my workstation was struggling to render high quality images (I don’t have a GPU, just using CPU - I’m on a mac!)

Rather than spend the time waiting to render my animation on my slow mac, I found another way - use a render farm. I originally was looking at using some virtual nodes in my home lab and push the render to them in some devops kind of way (freeing up my workstation) - but then I discovered Sheep It. I ended up setup 3 nodes from my home lab and added it to Sheep-It global render farm. It’s not much but the brilliant thing with Sheep-It is that when I submit a render job, my own nodes will process my job first, and any extra work gets ‘offloaded’ out to the rest of the global farm.

Blender Minecraft Download

Blender Minecraft

For example: If I had rendered my 10 second animation on my own mac workstation it would have taken me over a day of total render time - and I wouldn’t be able to use it to do anything else while it was rendering. Uploading it to Sheep-It enabled my render job to be distributed among 43 different computers around the work to do the rendering and it only took less than 2 hours. I submitted the job just before going to bed, and I work up with a nice fresh completed render waiting for me.

Blender Minecraft Render

If you want the original blender file that I used to create this image then you can download that here