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Blender Alternatives. 62 2 2 1 #1 InkScape. InkScape is a free, professional, and open source vertical graphics editor and is regarded as one of the best. Looking for alternatives to Blender? Find out how Blender stacks up against its competitors with real user reviews, pricing information, and what features they offer.

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You want to get a blender, but do not want a Vitamix.

  1. Another alternative is considering a certified reconditioned Vitamix (see available models) which is less than a new Vitamix blender but still has a full 5 year warranty.
  2. SketchUp, Figma, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator are the most popular alternatives and competitors to Blender. SketchUp, Figma, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator are the most popular alternatives and competitors to Blender.

You want something that performs well. But you want it for pretty cheap.


Here are a few Vitamix alternatives to avoid. Plus, a little info about the only non-Vitamix we recommend: The Magic Bullet (by Nutribullet).

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Here’s the deal with Vitamix knockoffs

There are so many Vitamix knockoffs out there. So here’s a simple rule with getting a non-Vitamix blender:

If it looks like a Vitamix but is not, do not get it.

If it makes claims to perform like a Vitamix, do not get it.

The Vitamix machine is the only engineered and assembled-in-the-USA blender. Everything else is made overseas.


The best way to think about it is this:

It’s not difficult to create something that looks like an airplane. The challenging part is engineering a machine that safely flies.

Avoid these 4 Vitamix alternatives

I’m assuming you’re looking to get a blender to help achieve a goal, right? Weight loss, muscle building, something like that?

Yes? Then you want a blender that performs well for the right price.

Here are Vitamix alternatives to avoid:

Why not a Ninja Blender?

Ninja blenders are so well marketed. They come in nice boxes, tout many features, and are strategically priced.

And they work pretty well for the first few blends.

The problem is that they rely on sharp blades that dull quickly. Plus, Ninja blenders not well engineered for the long haul.

I can’t say it strongly enough: Don’t get a Ninja.

Why not a Nutribullet Rx?

The performance of this blender may be okay. There is a heating mechanism that can make soup.

But if you’re going to spend this kind of money, you’re better off getting a Vitamix. It will last five times as long and perform many times better.

The best Nutribullets are the classic models and second to least expensive. (See below.)

Why not an Oster blender?

They’ve been making blenders for a long time. But they’re not what you want.

This is your $19 dollar blender from Walmart.

I used one of these at the very beginning of my health and wellness career. If you’re serious about smoothies, this blender is not going to help you.

The Oster Versa, their $150 Vitamix knockoff is not much better.

Why not a Breville?

Breville blenders are designed and priced attractively.

They come with a glass container and $200 price tag. To some, that’s all they need to hear.

Glass blender containers are heavy denoting quality.

But here’s the problem:

Glass containers break. And then you need to contact customer service, something with which Breville really struggles.

The Only Vitamix Alternative to Buy

We’ve heard it so many times:

“I’ll get a Vitamix from you guys once my Magic Bullet dies.”

With regular, normal use, this blender will last you about a year.

Blender Alternatives Reddit

You’ll love it for smoothies, juices, and margaritas.

And it’s perfectly priced.

No, you cannot make nut butters or ice cream in it.

But that’s not why you’re getting a blender right now anyway, right?

Get yourself this blender and work it until it bites the bullet.

Blender alternatives for beginners

Blender Alternatives For Beginners

The Blender to Buy (that’s not a Vitamix)

Magic bullet by Nutribullet

Note: If you don’t want get a Vitamix because you don’t want to spend $600 on a blender, I totally get that. Just know that you can always get a Vitamix for around $300. Here’s a link to our Vitamix deals page to see which ones are currently available.

Other Non-Vitamix Blenders

Of course, there are several more Vitamix alternatives out there. Blenders we are just kind of “meh” on.

Some we have tested. Some we’ve only read about.

Some we don’t have a strong opinion either way.

Here are a few quick notes on a bunch of other blenders:



We have lots of experience with these. Quality and high-performing, for sure. But we prefer Vitamix.

Black and Decker

Similar to Breville. Glass container situation.

Hamilton Beach

Ostensibly similar to Oster.

Blender Alternatives

Clean Blender

Classic Vitamix knockoff. Supposedly they’re pretty good, actually. (Learn more)


We love hearing that people want a blender, but do not want a Vitamix.

Blender Alternatives 3d

Grab yourself a Magic Bullet get blending today!

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