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Hello, I am looking to setup a reverse proxy to my Bitwarden install. I specified port 444 in the installation process but what IP address should I use in my Nginx reverse proxy config? The Most Trusted Open Source Password Manager for Business Bitwarden offers the easiest and safest way for teams and individuals to store and share sensitive data from any device. Start an Enterprise Trial Plans & Pricing.

I use a self-hosted bitwarden-rs to manage my passwords, and it works greatexcept using docker to run it was using most of the RAM on my cheap VPS fromVultr. Since bitwarden-rs is just a rust program that uses around 16MB of RAM,it seemed overkill to have docker running around it using over 100MB.

I cloned the repository, checked out the latest tag and then ran

You can use postgresql or mysql if you want but sqlite suites my needs as a single user just fine.

You then need the web UI. Since this is nodejs it takes a lot of RAM to buildso I would recommend just getting the latest release from their web vaultreleases. The version I got was 2.12.0. Extract it to a folder web-fault.


I then setup what will be the app directory; I used /opt/bitwarden but you can use whatever you like.

SelfBitwarden Letsencrypt

You will need to run the bitwarden_rs application, but systemd makes this veryeasy. I setup /etc/systemd/system/bitwarden.service

and then enabled and ran it with systemctl enable --now bitwarden.service

Bitwarden Letsencrypt

Then you just need to have a web server to run it, preferably with some SSLsupport. This is how my nginx configuration looks for it.

Bitwarden Let's Encrypt Data

I made some extra conf files that all my domains source for nginx to easilymanage Let’s Encrypt and SSL settings, see my blog post about it.

Bitwarden Let's Encrypt File

And now it should be done. Without a lot of effort you have saved yourself thehassle of running a docker container and are saving some precious memory.