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Make your life easier with a super-secure, open-source password management browser enhancer that can be synchronized to remember your logins across all devices

What's new in Bitwarden for Chrome 1.49.1:

  • Resolve FF < 77 not working (#1706)
  • Bitwarden Send - Added pop out banner for linux os (#1713)
  • Add support for browser biometrics on Firefox >= 87 (#1668)

Bitwarden works with almost any device and browser you can mention: Windows, Mac, Linux; iOS and Android; Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and many more niche browsers. That leaves you free to roam, unlike browser password managers. Bitwarden Browser Extensions have a unique Tab view, which automatically detects the URI (e.g. of the page displayed in the open tab and surfaces any Vault items with corresponding URIs. I just installed bitwarden’s chrome extension on my brother’s laptop. But it does not show prompt to save password whenever he logs into a website. The vault is unlocked. I looked into settings and the two options related to this feature are set up correctly and there were no saved logins in his vault at that time (he added them manually later). Any idea why else it would not prompt to.

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Bitwarden is a super-popular Chrome extension because it offers effective and smart solutions to real-life problems and pressing matters, like handling security issues or providing efficient and substantial password management. Moreover, it diminishes a lot of threats generated by a lack of adequate password complexity.

About Bitwarden as a service and the Chrome enhancements

Bitwarden is an open-source, free project. The same can be said about the browser extension. All multi-channel, cross-platform tools associated with the Bitwarden name are security and password management centered.

Nowadays, every regular Internet user has at least five different accounts and sets of credentials they must remember. Keeping them saved online, or locally — in your computer can be dangerous, especially if the passwords are associated with highly private information/accounts, or if they are connected to sensitive data (for example, your bank access credentials).

The Bitwarden Chrome extension saves and manages all your in-browser logins and info in a highly encrypted manner, through hashing algorithms. Not only does it safely store your information, but it also helps you evaluate the security level of your chosen passwords.

Bitwarden Chrome Extension Not Working

What should you expect from it?

Besides acting as a highly efficient login administrator and password vault, the Bitwarden Chrome extension will also be extremely versatile and adaptable to your security needs. When navigating a new website, only by clicking the icon toolbar or right-clicking a text insertion bar, you can initiate a new login entry, change an existing one, or auto-fill the section.

Every time you add a new password, you can check and see if it is safe, whether or not that combination of characters has ever been exposed to any known data breaches. You can make custom URLs selections for any new set of credentials, and store information based on given categories — login, card, identity, or secure note. The extension has even a password generator based on your custom choices and needs (e.g. pass length, character type, etc).

Conclusions for this Chrome extension


Bitwarden for Chrome is a life-saver. The extension can easily be connected to the desktop and/or mobile app, which makes it extremely useful for all scenarios and situations. The encryption levels are really high, the interface and menus are intuitive and adaptable to all types of users, and the whole system's architecture is solid.

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Bitwarden for Chrome 1.49.1

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