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I’ve already introduced F-Droid with my article Android Markets: How safe are alternative sources? – and gave a more detailed walk-through in my article series F-Droid: The privacy-friendly alternative to Google Play Store. Number of apps meanwhile has increased to over 2,000 on their main repo, and still all of them are available free of charge – being open-source after all. If you’re already using the F-Droid app you might have noticed it serves multiple repositories, with a few of them already pre-configured. And you can add more. Now the point is: what other repositories do exist? I try to close that gap here, giving you a list of repositories I’ve found so far. Feel free to contact me if you think there’s an error in the list – or if you happen to know more of them

Use these repositories at your own risk: not all of them hold „stable builds“ intended for use in „productive environments“. Some are explicitly declared for test builds or experimental versions. So please don´t integrate them blindly – but check the corresponding background first. Also note that „cross-updates“ between the main F-Droid repo and other sources is not possible, as F-Droid builds and signs the .apk files in its own process.

Bitwarden Fdroid Repo

Bitwarden, the open source password manager, makes it easy to generate and store unique passwords for any browser or device. Create your free account on the platform with end-to-end encryption and flexible integration options for you or your business. Access Bitwarden from anywhere, with any platform, in 40 languages. View Product Details. Bitwarden works with almost any device and browser you can mention: Windows, Mac, Linux; iOS and Android; Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and many more niche browsers. That leaves you free to roam, unlike browser password managers. Bitwarden makes your passwords available for auto-fill so that you can seamlessly log in to websites and apps while also maintaining strong and secure passwords. Auto-fill cuts the copying and pasting out of your login routine by detecting Vault items that match the service you’re logging in to.

Bitwarden App Download

Crucially, Bitwarden seems to have the security aspects right too: your vault is synced between devices over the cloud, but using end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption that deliberately prevents Bitwarden or anyone who tried to compel it to open up your vault.

Repository list

Official repo official repo. This is enabled by default.2015-05-26
F-Droid Archive versions of apps from the main repo. Pre-configured.2015-05-26
F-Droid Nightly Releases of the F-Droid Client2020-04-02
F-Droid Classic classic F-Droid Client revived2020-04-02
Bitwarden Password Vault2019-06-13
Briar Secure Messenger2017-12-30
Bromite, Chromium, WebView2019-01-19
CalyxOS to be used with CalyxOS2020-03-31
CCTGfdroidrepos:// Contact Tracing Germany (the fully-F/LOSS app based on CWA); Codeberg repo2020-12-20
cgeo mainlinehttps://fdroid.cgeo.orgc:geo, Geo-Caching for Android (details on the repo)2016-02-17
cgeo nightly, Geo-Caching for Android (details on the repo)2016-02-17
Collabora Office Collabora Office suite2020-10-09
cutthecord Discord app2019-07-24
DivestOS Official repo of the Custom ROM2020-06-13
DivestOS Unofficial repo of the Custom ROM2020-06-13
Droidware Chromium + Webview2021-02-05
Eutopia (TextSecure) builds (not updated since 2017-08-09)2018-12-06
Eutopia experimental of WebSocket-based fork of Signal (TextSecure) renamed to LibreSignal. 2016-11-03: No longer maintained2018-12-06
Firefox unofficial repo (.apk from, plus Kiwi, Signal, Wire …2020-02-05
FluffyChat Chat App, compatible with Riot/Matrix2020-03-09
Friendiqa Android client2018-12-06
Guardian Project
Some privacy related apps like Orbot and ChatSecure2015-05-26
Grobox Maintainer Torsten Grote‘s Testing repo for e.g. Liberario and Blitzmail2015-05-26
Haagch little collection of mostly non-FOSS apps2018-06-04
I2P Invisible Internet Project (anonymizing network)2015-05-26
Insporation Diaspora Client2020-09-20
IzzyOnDroid repo; .apk files originate at the resp. developers2016-03-12
Julian Klode
KaffeemitKoffein by Starfish2019-01-19
Kali Nethunter for penetration testing and forensics2019-07-30
KDE Android Nightly builds2019-05-18
Kuschku Repository for all applications, including Quasseldroid2018-05-07
LTHeinrich (OTP App)2021-02-11
Monerujo repo of monerujo (Monero Wallet)2019-05-12
microG open source alternative to GApps2016-03-10
Molly Fork2021-01-22
Nailyk private repo; mGerrit, Tusky2018-06-14
NanoDroid snapshot builds of microG, DroidGuard and more2018-12-06
Netsyms (Google Keep alternative), TerranQuest (similar to Pokemon Go) & more2019-06-02
Newpipe (YT client)2021-02-03
Nit built in the Nit programming language2015-05-26
Onosendai for Twitter, Facebook & more; last updated 2/20172020-02-10
PartidoPirata, Wire, OpenArchive, HabitApp2020-02-10
Pili, Signal and some more2019-07-24
pilighthttps://android.pilight.orgHome Automation (pilight; last update 2015-05-25)2015-05-26
Platschi, Tor Browser2019-05-18
Protox Tox Client2020-02-18
PurpleI2P (Invisible Internet Protocol)2020-06-11
Rakshazi repo; ActivityWatch, Bitwarden, SkyTube Extra2020-02-10
Rami von Software2019-03-15
RetroArch edge builds of RetroArch2019-06-02
Riot Messenger; also see here for more2019-01-13
SecondWind collection of apps that work offline or with limited internet2021-03-22
StoryMaker audio, video and photo stories; last repo update: 2014-10-142018-12-06
Tagesschau App (German News)2018-10-08
Umbrella advices, tutorials etc. (Umbrella)2016-10-23
Ungoogled Chromium Chromium Browser2020-03-31
UnifiedPush your own push service!2021-03-09
VideLibri library app to track the books lend from a (mostly German) public library2019-06-02
WiFi AdBlocker ad blocker over WiFi; last update 10/20152020-02-10
Yves Fischer Repo; last updated: 2016-10-222018-12-06

A list of known repositories meanwhile is also part of the F-Droid Wiki is maintained in the F-Droid Forum, in Mondsterns wiki.


You’re encouraged to notify me of changes as well as of additional F-Droid repositories you might know, so I can update/add them to above list. But for now: Enjoy!

first published: 2015-05-26


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J2ME Loader is a J2ME emulator for Android. It supports most 2D games and also
3D with some limitations. Emulator has a virtual keyboard, individual settings
for each application, scaling support. This project is a fork of J2meLoader.
  • License:Apache License 2.0

Bitwarden For Fire Tablet



Although APK downloads are available below to give you the choice, you should be aware that by installing that way you will not receive update notifications and it's a less secure way to download. We recommend that you install the F-Droid client and use that.

Bitwarden Chrome Android Extension

  • This version requires Android 4.0 or newer.

    It is built and signed by F-Droid, and guaranteed to correspond to this source tarball.

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