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Bitwarden offers encryption on a zero-knowledge model — meaning only you have access to your passwords — using the cipher AES-256, which protects passwords using hundreds of thousands of rounds of password “hashing” that turns your passwords into scrambled versions of themselves that can’t be reverse-engineered. It gives you the option of hosting your passwords on Bitwarden’s servers or locally, eliminating any risk of a data breach on the company’s end.

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Mar 05, 2021 Image: Bitwarden Using a password manager is one of the best steps you can take to protect your security online. A good password manager makes it easy to generate unique, strong passwords, and it.

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  1. Bitwarden is a lean, open-source encryption software password manager that can generate, store and automatically fill your passwords across your devices and popular browsers - including Brave.
  2. Bitwarden has been on the scene of password management and privacy software solutions since 2015. It advertises itself as one of the best free, open-source password managers currently available for individuals, teams and businesses.
  3. Mar 24, 2021 Bitwarden is open-source software that we believe to be one of the best password managers available today. It’s user friendly and highly secure, and includes almost everything individuals, teams.

The potential downside of zero-knowledge security and encryption is that, if you ever lose your password, it’s gone for good. But the overall upsides of Bitwarden’s approach are considerable: If you pair strong passwords with the deep password-hashing functionality the software provides, you should have plenty of peace of mind on the security front.

Bitwarden Best Password Manager

Bitwarden has been audited by third-party security experts, whom it invites to test its limits by making its source code fully available. It also offers two-factor authentication — a must for any modern password management solution — free for use with Google Authentication and email, for which you get a wider range of options with the Premium version.