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Moving to cloud? Take your favorite apps with you.

Atlassian Bitbucket v5.8.3 local installation. I wanted to add a new line around an horizontal line.did produce the line, but I could not get new lines to work with suggestions above. Note: I did not want to use the spacespace suggestion, since my editor removes trailing spaces on save, and I like this feature on. I ended up doing this. Markdown in bitbucket wiki doesn't support this unfortunately – Antony Hatchkins Dec 13 '15 at 9:05 This could be an issue in code-blocks, as ' ' will get rendered as ' ' – david Nov 30 '16 at 13:16. By default, Stash uses Markdown as its markup language. You can use markdown in the following places: any pull request's descriptions or comments, or; in README files (if they have file extension).; Use Control-Shift-P or Command-Shift-P to preview your markdown. Markdown syntax. The page below contains examples of Markdown syntax. However, the first item in the numbered list will be kept, so the first leading will usually be the number '1'. Malinois - 5 spaces makes 3rd level already. MalinoisB - 5 spaces makes 3rd level already. Groenendael - 8 spaces makes 3rd level yet too. Tervuren - 9 spaces for 4th level - Intentionaly started by '55'.

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Markdown Implementations


Bitbucket Markdown List

Either direct or other lists

  • stackoverflow Question 11 lists some and references

Specific implementations

In Python universe, some packages. There are more.

  • Markdown with its features
Bitbucket markdown code block in list

In Perl, there is a package:

Wikipedia has a list that is reproduced here, so that we can add/remove columns and Markdown processors.

Name Language Type Description Official site

mmd2pdf Autoit - MultiMarkdown to PDF convertergoogle code

md2html.awk Awk Converter Markdown to Htmlbitbucket

apache-mod-sundown C Apache HTTPd module Using Sundown C librarygithub
Discount C Library and HTML converter -site
libpandoc C Multiconverter -github
peg-multimarkdown C - Using parsing expressing grammar (PEG)github, github fork
peg-markdown C - Using parsing expressing grammar (PEG)github
PEG Markdown Highlight C Syntax highlighter Using parsing expressing grammar (PEG)site
Sundown C - -github
libupskirt C Parser Fork of libsoldoutgithub
libsoldout C Parser Simple parser onlysite
Doxygen C++ Sourcecode documentation generator Doxygen supports Markdown with extra featuressite
Cpp-Markdown C++ Generator Markdown to HTMLsourceforge
RStudio C++ IDE for R (programming language) C++ wrapper for sundownsite
Qarkdown C++ Editor (Qt) Simple crossplatform Markdown editor using Qtsite

MarkdownSharp C# - -google code
MoonShine C# - -github C# - -github
markdown-clj Clojure Converter Generates HTML from Markdown, compiles to both Clojure and ClojureScriptgithub

Blackfriday Go - -github
Goskirt Go - -github
MaTeS Go Converter to HTML5 Creates web pages or presentation slides. Supports citation, tables, math and
Upskirt.go Go - -github

Pandoc Haskell Converter (Multiformat) -site
Sundown HS Haskell - -github
MarkdownJ Java - -google code
pegdown Java - -github
MarkdownPapers Java - Implementation based on a JavaCC parsersite
Txtmark Java - -github
Markdown4j Java - Extensible markdown java implementationgoogle code
Dillinger JavaScript Editor 'WYSIWYM' editorsite, github
uedit JavaScript Editor 'WYSIWYM' editorgithub
node-discount JavaScript - node.js binding for Discountgithub
markdown-js JavaScript - Parser for JavaScript/node.jsgithub
marked JavaScript - A fast markdown parsergithub
PageDown JavaScript Webeditor and viewer Used by Stack Exchange sitesgoogle code and github
PageDown-Bootstrap JavaScript Webeditor and viewer Fork of PageDown which uses the Twitter Bootstrap template frameworkgithub
Showdown JavaScript Webeditor and viewer -site/github JavaScript Webeditor and viewer Minimalist Online Markdown Editorsite
TextDown JavaScript Editor plugin for Chrome -chrome store/github
texts.js JavaScript Node.js module PEG-based grammar, intermediate format in JSONgithub
markdown.lua Lua - -luaforge
Lunamark Lua Converter HTML and LaTeX convertergithub
lua-discount Lua Binding -site

node-multimarkdown Node.js Parser Native MultiMarkdown extension for Node.jsgithub
RobotSkirt Node.js - -github
node-markdown Node.js - Parse Markdown syntax with node.jsgithub
gfm Node.js - The port of Showdown used on github.comgithub
Markdown Perl 6 Parser Markdown parser in Perl 6github Perl Converter to (X)HTML Official author perl markdown implementationsite
MultiMarkdown Perl Converter Markdowns originals MultiMarkdown supersetsite, github
text-markdown Perl Converter to (X)HTML -github
markdown-oo-php PHP Converter to (X)HTML Object-oriented implementation of Markdowngithub
markdown-handler PHP Converter to (X)HTMLgithub
PHP Markdown PHP Converter to HTML -site
PHP Markdown Extra PHP Converter to HTML Markdown with extra optionssite
PHP Markdown Extended PHP Converter to various formats (HTML, MAN, extensible) Markdown extended syntaxgithub
PHP Markdown Viewer PHP Viewer Wrapper for PHP Markdownsite
secondcrack PHP Blog A static-file Markdown blogging enginegithub, site
qlmarkdown Objective C - A Mac OS X Quicklook extension that uses Discount.github
Python-Markdown Python - A implementation with various extensions such as tables and ignoring internal bold/italic
Misaka Python Binding Python binding for Sundownsite
BlueCloth Ruby - -site
BlueFeather Ruby - -site
ffi-sundown Ruby - -github
gimli Ruby Markdown to PDF -gimli
kramdown Ruby Library -rubyforge
md2man Ruby Converter Markdown to manpagegithub Ruby Webviewer and Editor A nifty markdown notepadsite/github
Maruku Ruby Interpreter -github
RDiscount Ruby Binding Ruby binding for Discountgithub
Redcarpet Ruby Binding Ruby binding for Sundowngithub
Knockoff Scala - -site
Actuarius Scala - -site
Lowdown Chicken Scheme Parser library (egg) Can emit SXMLchicken wiki, Bitbucket
markdown.bash Bash Converter Markdown to HtmlGithub

Alternative lightweight markup formats

Bitbucket Markdown Continue Numbered List

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