Best Way To Clear Space On Android Phone

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  1. Best Way To Clear Space On Android Phone Screen
  2. Best Way To Clear Space On Android Phone Iphone
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  1. To clear space on Android phone you can delete all the cache file manually by opening the application manager where you can easily see the Clear data and Clear cache option. Step 1: Head to the Settings menu. This can be done by tapping the cog icon in your notification shade.
  2. The first step to clearing space on your Samsung phone should be to delete the app’s temporary or cache files. Neither you lose anything and nor you need to install any other app for the purpose.

Use Device Settings to clear all cached data on your device You can batch delete all cached data by using the Settings app on Android. Go to your Settings app and tap on Storage or Storage &. In Phone Administrators, you should be able to track down the setting that enables the malware to camp out. Then, all you have to do is simply adjust those settings and you can finally delete the app. One of the major reasons for finding the trash folder on the Android phone is to empty it and get more free space on the device. If you also want to free up space on Android as well, then you can consider these expert suggestions too. Clear Cached Data.

Best Way To Clear Space On Android Phone Screen

Unfortunately, Android devices such as smartphones and tablets don’t come with unlimited storage. As your Smartphone or tablet becomes full, it will start showing the error messages. Many times you open the camera on your device and see a message showing memory full, that is very much frustrating. In this article, you will know 6 easy ways to clear data Android devices.

6 Ways to Clear Data on Android Devices

1. Have automatically backup of data:

Always have an automatic backup for your Android device so that you can delete you clicked pictures and videos and free up space from your Android Device. Backup has both benefits to clear your storage and also restore when you lost your phone. Some of the best places to back-up your data can easily download Apps from Play Store are

2. Clear Cache Data

Clear cache data of your Android device regularly, as it consumes your storage a lot and may slow down your Android Device. For clearing Cache from your device go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager and then select the App you want to modify. In the application info of that App, tap storage and then clear cache. To clear all cache at once go to Settings > Storage>Cached data.

3. Move Data and Apps to a microSD card

To free up your Android surface always move heavy Apps and files to SD card, which makes your device to run smoothly. You can select microSD card according to your requirement as Android devices normally function smoothly up to 128-GB capacity.

For transferring Apps go to Settings>Applications > Application Manager. Now choose the App you want to move, if the app is able to transfer it automatically shows Move to SD card once you tap that app. Sometimes files of the large app may not completely transfer to SD card that may trouble you.

4. Delete older apps that no longer in use


Always delete the older apps which are not used by you more often as they keep on running behind your screen and consume excess memory, makes your phone slower. Some of the apps usually keep on updating themselves periodically which consume a lot of storage of your device. So it is better to delete them. To delete apps go to Settings> Applications, then over Downloaded or installed tap the app you wanted to delete and then tap Uninstall button. Once you Uninstall that app will successfully be removed from your device.


5. Delete Download from Browser

From internet browser delete the Download History. As Android device has download folder which contains your downloaded photos, videos, and other stuff. Sometimes there are chances that the files you have downloaded are no longer in use to you but are unnecessarily stored on your device. So better to delete them from browser’s history.

6. Remove log folders from your Android device

Best Way To Clear Space On Android Phone Iphone

Log folder consumption may grow up to 1 GB, so it is recommended to delete log folder. Delete it from File Manager> Logs and then delete this folder. By deleting this you can easily free up your device space.

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