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Give your device a performance boost by simply reducing the workload on your CPU and available RAM All phones come with a given amount of RAM for all processing units to work with, it could be in Megabytes or Gigabytes. The OS takes a chunk of thi. Download Smart RAM Booster app from the Google Play Store: Smart RAM Booster. Once installed, Open the App. Now you can Whitelist specific apps for increased performance. Or, if you want to boost your device’s whole memory, just click the “Boost Now” Button. Now your Android Device will be boosted for higher performance by killing. TASK KILLER Speed Booster & Memory Cleaner offers the original (and best) Task Manager to examine your device’s running processes and manually close what you think might be affecting speed, memory, security or battery life. Now, a special 'Sort by' option is available in the Task Manager.

Junk files and data are eating up lots of our RAM space. These files are also making our phone slow. Are you also troubled by your slow phone and less memory space? Do you want to increase your memory free space and boost your device? Then try our below listed Best RAM Cleaner apps Android/ iPhone 2021 which will clean up your RAM and increase your free space.

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1. Clean Master Android

This application is best RAM Cleaner App Android 2021 and this app has been widely used by millions of users and being rated high. Some of the mobile manufacturers are also providing Clean Master as in built RAM Cleaner. This app not only used for RAM cleaning but also for storage cleaner, app manager and anti virus protection. This app also provides you feature of Applock which will help you to protect your sensitive data on your Android device. This app has most prominent function of junk file cleaning, CPU Cooler, Memory boost, Antivirus service, automatic improvement of your game speed, auto start manager which will help you to prevent apps from auto starting etc and many more. Download this amazing RAM Cleaner now!

2. AVG Cleaner Android

Our mobile phone has limited memory and lots of it being eats up by junk data and files. This make us to feel need of good RAM Cleaner app. AVG Cleaner app will clean your RAM from time to time and will also take care of the betterment of your Android mobile device. This app will prove you the best RAM cleaner app and this app will effectively clean all of your junk files and RAM and thus increase and enhance the performance of your Android device. Download this RAM Cleaner app now!

3. Memory Clean – Free Up memory iPhone

This app is another one of the best RAM cleaner App iPhone 2021 and it is ultimate app of memory optimizing and the best use of this app is after you have finished using your RAM intensive app or game. This app will clean all your junk files and cache and will optimize your device and will enhance the speed of your handset. Have this app now!

4. Memory Cleaner: Free up RAM iPhone

This Memory cleaner app will clean your RAM and will boost your device. With this app, you can easily free up your memory and speed up your device. This app will view your memory usage and will also view your memory usage per application. This app will also provide you data of amount of free memory. This app provides you feature to set up automatic memory clean up. Have this app now!

5. Super speed cleaner-Phone cleaner and virus cleaner Android

This app is also amazing app and this app will efficiently optimize your device by freeing up storage space and it will speed up your phone. This app is a professional phone cleaner and comes with RAM memory cleaner, phone booster, CPU Cooler, Battery saver and also Antivirus for Android and this app will increase the performance of your phone. This app allows you to deep scan and cleans your system for more storage. Have this app now!

6. RAM Cleanup Android

It is great app and it will clean your device and make your device to run smoothly. This application will clean up the RAM in order to speed up your device and will also save battery and work as CPU Cooler. This app will completely optimize your phone. This app also has special functions of auto closing and will auto clean the device by recognizing exceeding threshold of memory usage ratio. This app also provides you setting for texts, foreground, back ground and also animation. This app also has shortcut for customized cleanup.

7. Clean RAM Memory Android

This app is also one of the popular RAM Cleaner app and it will help you in cleaning your Android mobile’s RAM cleaning and will also boost up your mobile performance. This app is quite different from other in sense that this app will automatically remove the bulk when ever your RAM memory gets heavily loaded with junk files and data. Have it now!

8. Max Cleaner – Antivirus, Booster, Phone cleaner Android

This app is amazing RAM Cleaner App Android 2021 and this app will speed up your phone, it will clean all the junk files and will free up storage space. This app also provides you the best feature of antivirus, boost and phone cleaner service like catche cleaner, ram cleaner, power space cleaner, virus cleaner, virus scan, game booster, virus protection and also the battery saver. This app has very easy interface and this app helps you to regularly clean your mobile and boost its speed. Have this amazing app now!

9. Super Cleaner- Memory cleaner, Optimizer, Booster Android

This app will also clean all the cache and junk files and will clean up your device RAM. This app will scan your complete device both the internal and external SD card and then cleans up all the cache and junk files effectively. With this app, you can clean your device in single click and will also boost your phone. This app also possess feature of CPU cooler and will also manage your files and Apps or APK files.

10. Auto RAM Cleaner Android

This is also great app and has feature of auto RAM cleaner and will auto clean the device by recognizing exceeding threshold of memory usage ratio. This app will also clean your device memory while screen turns on and will automatically free up RAM by turning on screen or by opening the screen lock. Have this great RAM cleaner now!


So these are Best RAM Cleaner apps Android/ iPhone 2021 which will clean up your RAM and increase your free space. Hope you like this article. Please like, share and please tell us via comments which app you like the most.
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This is a common problem faced by Android users that they aren’t happy to play games on their devices because of low performance. The performance of a game depends on the hardware quality of the device mainly, but you can still try some tricks to enhance the game playing performance of your device. The perfect trick for Android users would be using some of the best quality game booster apps on their gadgets.

The best game boosters for Android gamers in 2021 has to be those which can work as energy dosage and enhance the game playing experience for users. There are numerous paid and free booster apps available in the market out of which you can easily pick one for your Android smartphones. However, if you are the first time using game boosters apps, then you should definitely start your journey with the best. To help you out below we have already created the wonderful 7 best game booster Android apps.

Top 7 Best Game Booster Apps for Android Gamers in 2021

1. Game Booster Play Games Faster & Smoother

Let’s start this list with the totally awesome quality game booster. This app has the potential to improve your game performance by up to 200%. It is a beast app that will unleash the real power of your Android device and will help in optimizing your gadget to get the top-notch background service while playing games. One can use this application to optimize the memory of gaming apps as well. This app is designed to work with non-rooted and rooted phones, but when you use it with the rooted phone, then you can use the maximum speed of your phone. You can play games without any disturbance with this app and can easily create high benchmark scores.


2. Game Launcher for Game Addicted

Best booster for android phoneFree up ram on androidFor

The best game booster apps for Android gamers in 2021 must have the power to kill all background apps and scan gaming app to boost their performance. And, all these features are available in this booster app. With this app, you will get do not disturb here feature that is quite awesome to enjoy your gaming experience without any interruption. By enabling this feature, you won’t receive any calls and notifications while playing games. This app also has child mode that means when you give your phone to any child, then he won’t be able to use a home button or anything else in your phone. This is an impressive app for gamers.

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3. Game Booster Perform-Max

If you are looking for booster app which can do more than improving your device speed, then you can try this app. As it will control response so that you can play games without any lag. You can start your games from inside the Game Booster Perform-Max app to speed up the process. This app will clear all the hindrances in your and your games way like cache, background running apps and unchecked network activities by apps to free up the RAM. By using this app, you can run your games at high speed, despite the hardware limitations of your device.

4. DU Speed Booster

Best Ram Booster For Android 2020

If you are looking for the high speed in your best game booster apps for Android gamers in 2021, then you should try DU Speed Booster. This app has potential to deep clean your Android device for high-quality performance. It can conduct complete device optimization as well and remove any problems which are the cause of your device’s slow speed. This app can give you an ideal gaming experience where you will never have to worry about game crashes and screen blackouts.

5. Game Booster — One Tap Advanced Speed Booster

This is another high powered game booster app in our list which will offer you smoother game playing experience. This app is designed to tackle RAM related issues and lag based issues as well. The booster app will remove the unnecessary apps and other features from your phone’s memory to speed up the games. It is a complete optimizing app that can automatically optimize CPU, RAM, and other things automatically to provide you with the lightning speed.

Best Ram Booster For Android

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6. Game Booster: Phone Cooler

A list of the best game booster apps for Android gamers in 2021 is incomplete without Game Booster: Phone Cooler. This game booster app optimizes RAM and is a complete tool for the devices with low RAM. The app accelerates your games speed by freeing the immediate memory space of your device at the time of playing games. The CPU cooler is a very interesting feature of this app which cool’s down phone’s temperature and reduces CPU usage by stopping overheating apps with the Space Cleaner & Memory Cleaner. It is a highly functional app that can perform multiple functions with just one tap and can effortlessly clean junk from your smartphone.

7. Game Booster – 2x speed for games

It is a powerful app to play your games with the top level performance experience. This speed booster will offer you a double dosage of the speed. The no lag experience is offered by optimizing the CPU, RAM and many other things automatically. It is a complete toolkit which has app launcher and booster in it. This app has one unique feature using which you can assign your favorite play style for different games. Customization and management can be done with the one tap on this app. All in all, it is extremely useful and easy to use booster app for Android users.


Best Ram Booster For Rooted Android

Gamers always complain that they can’t enjoy high tech graphics and speed on their Android devices due to inconsistent hardware. Well, you can’t do much about your hardware problem, but by downloading the advanced game booster Android in 2021 from the above list, you can gain some power over your games performance. To play your favorite Android games without interruption download booster apps today from Google Play Store.