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The 2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid earns a spot near the top of our hybrid and electric SUV rankings thanks in part to its comfortable read more » 8.0SCORE $38,410 - $50,315 MSRP. Every 2021 Compact Crossover SUV Ranked from Worst to Best New players like the Ford Bronco Sport and Nissan Rogue are putting pressure on the segment’s best. By Austin Irwin.

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Jeep's Cherokee earns its lowly position with the one-two punch of being pricier than other compact SUVs and tighter inside than most. (Jeep's one-size-smaller Compass, in fact, has nearly as much interior room as the Cherokee.) Still, the somewhat odd-looking SUV has some redeemable qualities, from its segment-exclusive V-6 engine option to its actual off-road capability (at least in its Trailhawk trim level). Avoid the 2.4-liter base engine if you can—it's quite weak; the optional turbo 2.0-liter or the aforementioned V-6 are much better partners for the Cherokee's bulk. [Read more on the Jeep Cherokee]

Best Compact Suv 2021

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