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Since I discovered R Markdown I really like to prepare my presentation with it, especially because I can include a piece of code (R, Python, …) well formatted. Last week I did in Strasbourg the first meeting for the local R-Ladies and I prepared my presentation with R Markdown, not because I had code to show but because I was talking about R. I modified an older beamer template that I used during my PhD and I created this new template. The first thing to modify a beamer template for creating a new one, is to make a file .sty like this “beamerthemeName.sty”, where ‘Name’ should be the name you want to give to your template and that you will use in beamer and R Markdown. In my case the name of my template was RLadies. To create this file I chose an existing beamer theme, in this case was “Pittsburgh”, and I set the color I liked (R-Ladies colors) and define some rules for header and slides. The code for the beamerthemeRLadies.sty is the following:

Modifying this code, changing the theme, colours etc. you can obtain a new template for your beamer and RMarkdown presentations, as you like.

  • Following a teaser tweet two days ago, we are thrilled to announce that binb version 0.0.1 arrived on CRAN earlier this evening. Binb extends a little running.
  • ‘binb’ is not ‘Beamer’. Monash EBS Rmarkdown Templates. Curriculum Vitae for R Markdown. Exploring Election and Census Highly Informative Data Nationally.
  • I’m of the mentality that most Beamer presentations waste precious space with things like overhead or side navigation panels. It’s why omit those things entirely, even the navigation symbols (i.e. The tribal arm band tattoo of Beamer presentations). 1 It’s more important to make the presentation informative than, well, gaudy.
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Beamer Rmarkdown Remove Title Page

You can define the header of Rmarkdown like this:

Beamer Rmarkdown Block

Beamer rmarkdown remove title page

And using this theme I created a pdf for the first meeting of R-Ladies Strasbourg.

You can disable the dfprint behavior entirely by setting the option rmarkdown.dfprint to FALSE. See Data frame printing section in bookdown book for examples. Theme: Beamer theme (e.g. Colortheme: Beamer color theme (e.g. Fonttheme: Beamer font theme (e.g. Highlight: Syntax highlighting style. Q&A for users of TeX, LaTeX, ConTeXt, and related typesetting systems.