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Azure Devops Markdown

Azure DevOps Wiki Markdown. A VS Code extension that makes your local editing of Azure DevOps Wiki files easier. Features User GUIDs: Editor Decoration & Markdown Previewing. NOTE: If the previewer opens before the query finishes, it will stylize the GUIDs but not replace them with the user's name. ตามเอกสารของ Microsoft การรวมระหว่าง TFS และ MS Project เลิกใช้งานจาก VS / TFS 2019 ไปข้างหน้า คุณช่วยแจ้งให้เราทราบได้ไหมว่าทางเลือกอื่นในการซิงค์ระหว่าง gant.


  • PSDocs
  • Azure DevOps REST API - Pages

For a project I was investigating how I could dynamically create Markdown files. I searched the internet and I found the following PowerShell Module from Bernie White a Premier Field Engineer from Microsoft.

PSDocs is a PowerShell module with commands to generate markdown from objects using PowerShell syntax.

According to it’s disclaimer the project is a proof-of-concept but for me it worked great and in these blog post series I’ll explain how you can use this in your Azure DevOps Pipelines to create Markdown Wiki documentation. In part one I start with the basics.

Installation of PSDocs

To install the PSDocs PowerShell module run:

To create a Markdown content object stored running processes in a Markdown table you can use the following example.

In Markdown this will look like this.

Now we know how to create a Markdown document we need to learn how to create an Azure DevOps Wiki page.

According to the documentation Wiki pages are Markdown files that are stored in a Git repository in the backend.

The following web requests creates or edits a wiki page.

Wiki Identifier

One of the needed properties to create the wiki page is the wikiIdentifier. This is the Wiki id or name of the wiki.

We can find the wiki name by going to the Azure DevOps Project and selecting Wiki in the menu.

PowerShell script to create an Azure DevOps Wiki page

With the following script you can create a Wiki page in Azure DevOps using the PSDocs PowerShell module and the Azure DevOps REST API.

Azure Devops Markdown Table Of Contents

If you want to delete the wiki page using the REST API you can use the following command:

In the next part of this blog post series I want to share how you can use above knowledge to create a wiki from within an Azure DevOps Pipeline.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post.


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