Ax15 Transmission

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The AX15 transmission is built to fit in Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee, Comanche, and Grand Cherokee applications between 1988 and 1999. The easiest way to identify an AX-15 manual transmission is to notice the casing is made entirely out of Aluminum. The AX-15 only mounts to a 6 cylinder motor. The AX-15 manual transmission has a 10 spline input shaft and a 23 spline output shaft. AX-15 Gear Ratios. AX-15 Manual Transmission Gear Ratios (First-Fifth): (3.83, 2.33, 1.44, 1.00, 0.79). The Aisin-Warner AX15 transmission is a very successful, medium-duty, standard shift, five-speed transmission and is regarded as one of the best 5-speed transmissions ever installed. It was introduced in 1988 and is a great swap for many Bronco owners. The AX15 can be cleanly adapted to the Windsor Ford V8 bellhousing that features the butterfly Ford transmission bolt pattern with an adapter.

Marlin Crawler has been rebuilding Toyota transmissions for over 30 years. Through our vast driving experience and mechanical expertise, we have developed advanced rebuilding techniques that increase the transmission's durability, longevity, and performance. Our transmissions far exceed Toyota OEM standards. Because of this, we rebuild high quality transmissions for many Toyota Dealerships, countless Competition Rock Crawling Buggies, Baja 1000, Desert Race classes 1450 & 7s, Off-Road Stadium Race Trucks, and Drag Supra Racing Teams. The prestige of our transmissions has been featured at numerous car shows including multiple entries to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show and the Canadian Off Road Expo.

This rebuild includes many of our high level rebuilding methods and techniques, including the basic procedure of removing each and every part, and thoroughly cleaning, inspecting, and servicing as required. This includes all seals, gaskets, synchros, gears, retainers, shafts, clips, forks and housings. Prices assume exchange rebuildable core and feature a one-year unlimited mile warranty. Please note: We use security paint on assemblies to warrant or void a warranty. No issue will be accepted if this security paint has been disrupted.

Our Rebuilt Chrysler AX15 Transmission Includes:

  • Reconditioned Shifter Base(s)
  • Comp Series Bearing Cover Plate
  • Bell Housing (if supplied with original unit)

Please note: To ensure the highest quality possible, all transmissions are hand-built-to-order. Therefore, there will be at least a one week lead time on all orders placed. We will notify you by email once the transmission is shipped. Thank you for your patience and we hope you'll enjoy our long lasting transmission!

This product adheres to our refundable core charge policy.

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We have a large inventory of finished rebuilt manufactured AX15 Manual Transmissions and transmission parts. We offer rebuilt re- manufactured and dyno tested transmissions that have a no hassle 12 month warranty. The AX15 manual 5 speed transmission was used by Dodge in the Dakota 1992 to 1999, the Isuzu Trooper 1998 to 2002 and the Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and other Jeep models between 1990 to 2000. The AX15 manual 5 speed transmission has a 90mm outside diameter input bearings, an 8 bolt bearing retainer and a 4 bolt shifter, case is aluminum with four bearings.

Free AX15 Parts Illustration

Below we provide an AX15 parts illustrations to assist you with identification of the parts you need, select the parts you need form the following list that includes bearing new AX15 transmissions, rebuilt transmission, rebuild kits with and without synchro rings. Gaskets, seals, extension busings, bearings, synchro hub and slider, synchro rings, shift forks, gears, input shafts, cluster and main shafts, shift components, housings extensions and miscellaneous parts. Take advantage of our free technical support, also available are bearing retainers and adapter housings give us a call. If you would like to save money ask about our good take out parts (GTO), they are inspected and guaranteed. If you would like to save money ask about our good take out parts (GTO), they are inspected and guaranteed. Use our online shopping cart, just double click the part number and see additional information, add to cart or proceed to check out.

AX15 New Transmissions

Dwg #DescriptionPart Number.Your Cost
Transmission Manual Rebuilt 2WD 5 Speed Dodge 1992-UpMTCRY004N$1,266.67
Transmission Manual New 90-Up Dakota 4X4 V6/4cyl 5SPDMTCRY005N$1,266.67
Transmission Manual New 90-Up Jeep 4X2 5 Sp With 4L-CoreMTAJ006N$1,266.67
Ax15 Transmission

AX15 Rebuilt Transmissions

Dwg #DescriptionPart Number.Your Cost
Transmission Manual Rebuilt 2WD 5 Speed Dodge 1992-UpMTCRY004$1,000.00
Transmission Manual Rebuilt 90-Up Dakota 4X4 5SPD V6/4CYLMTCRY005$1,000.00
Transmission Manual Rebuilt 2WD 5 Speed Jeep 1990-Up 10 Spline 1990 Up 4.0LTMTAJ006$1,000.00
Core Charge on Above Transmissions$250.00
Transmission Manual Rebuilt 90-Up Jeep 4X2 5 Sp W/ 4L 10SPL IPMTAJ007$1,326.67
Core Charge on Above Transmission$350.00

AX15 Bearing Rebuilt Kits

DwgDescriptionPart NumberYour Cost
Bearing Rebuild Kit w/o Syncro Rings (Dakota) (1990-Up) (Does Not Include Isuzu Trooper) V6/4CYLMWT-163B$190.06
Bearing Rebuild Kit with Syncro Rings (Dakota) (92-99) (Does Not Include Isuzu Trooper) 4wd, removable bell-housingMWTBK163BWS$270.00
Bearing-rebuild Kit w/o Syncro Rings (Isuzu Trooper) removable bell-housingMWT-163E$235.35
Bearing Rebuild Kit w/o Syncro Rings (Isuzu Trooper) removable bell-housingMWT-163EWS$1,020.20
Bearing Rebuild Kit w/o Syncro Rings (Jeep) (90-00) (Does Not Include Isuzu Trooper)MWT-163J$190.06
Bearing Rebuild Kit with Syncro Rings (Jeep) (90-00) (Does Not Include Isuzu Trooper)MWT-163JWS$237.97
Ax15 Transmission

Ax15 Transmission Diagram

AX15 Gaskets, Seals & Bushings

DwgDescriptionPart NumberYour Cost
Gasket & Seal Kit
Gasket Transfer Case Adapter100124$1.33
Seal (Rear 2wd) 4 Bolt mount Type14730$2.00
Seal Adapter 4wd12928$4.00
Seal Adapter (4wd)12928$4.00
Seal Front Input200225$3.66
Seal Rear (2wd) 2 Bolt mount Type710198$3.53
Seal Rear 2wd 2 Bolt mount Type462074$6.08
Seal Rear 2wd Dakota83504419D$0.00
Seal Rear 2wd 4 Bolt mount Type462074A$6.08
Seal Rear 4X2 (Jeep)83504419$13.33
Bushing Extension Housing (1.670″ OD)48008$9.33
Bushing Extension Housing 1.725″ OD462066$8.10
Bushing Jeep AX5 EXT HSG 1.659 inch48008$9.33
Bushing Tail Jeep Dodge 1.727 inch48008D$9.33
Bushing Tail housing Dodge4874288$86.67

AX15 Bearings

DwgDescriptionPart NumberYour Cost
14Bearing Input40TM05NXC3$61.33
16Bearing Needle Pocket83506078$0.00
32Bearing Needle 1st Gear Shaft Main83506075$13.33
25Bearing Needle 2nd Shaft Main83506076$13.33
23Bearing Needle 3rd Gear Shaft Main83506077$18.98
45Bearing Needle 5th Gear83506079$20.00
41Bearing Counter Shaft Front25RT59SN$32.47
43Bearing Counter Shaft Rear34RUKS64NR$25.33
34Bearing Main Shaft Rear35BCS34MT2$45.71

AX15 Hub & Slider

DwgDescriptionPart NumberYour Cost
29Hub Syncro 1-283506247$26.67
20Hub Syncro 3-483506248$33.33
Hub Syncro 5th Gear83506242$53.33
30Slider 1-2 Reverse5225082$92.00
Slider 1/2 Reverse5252082$92.00
21Slider 3-483506249$66.67
Slider 3/4 Syncro 98-Up4897050AA$46.67
48Slider 5th83506257$66.66

Ax15 Transmission Upgrade

AX15 Syncro Rings

DwgDescriptionPart NumberYour Cost
Syncro Kit 2nd ring 1 pcSRK163$98.07
Syncro KitSRK163JA$79.62
27Syncro Ring 1-283506252$14.42
Syncro Ring 3/4/5 2 Way Cut Teeth83506253$16.24
19Syncro Ring 3rd Late 1 way taper engagement teeth462703$16.00
49Syncro Ring 5th Updated Late4637533$12.67
Syncro Key (DOG) 5th (3 req)83506256$4.00
Syncro Key & Spring Kit (90-91) (Non Updated) 5thAX15-K5$10.05
Syncro Key & Spring Kit 1-2AX15-K1$10.05
Syncro Key & Spring Kit 3-4AX15-K3$10.05
Syncro Key & Spring Kit 5th (92-Up) (Updated)AX15-K5A$14.68
Syncro Key & Spring Kit 5th Non Updated362705-2K$14.68
Syncro Key & Spring Kit 5th Updated362705-2AK$14.68
Syncro Key 1/283506250$4.00
Syncro Key 3/483506251$4.00
Syncro Key 5th 3 required83506255$4.00
Syncro Spring 1-283506254$4.00
Syncro Spring 3/4/583506255$4.00
Syncro Spring 5th83506256$4.00

AX15 Forks

Ax15 Transmission Identification

DwgDescriptionPart NumberYour Cost
51AFork 1-25252057$46.67
Fork 3-4 87-Up5252058$46.00
51Fork 5th5252059$20.98
Fork Reverse5252056$20.00

AX15 Gears

DwgDescriptionPart NumberYour Cost
Gear 1st Shaft Main 93-Up4636368$66.67
26Gear 2nd (33T, 2 ID Grooves) (92-97)4636369-R$81.33
Gear 2nd Shaft Main 84-91 33T5252078$0.00
22Gear 3rd 31T, 1 ID Groove462583$56.17
22Gear 3rd Main Shaft 1 ID Groove 1997 31 Teeth5252079$66.67
22Gear 3rd Shaft Main 98-Up4897047AA$66.67
22Gear 3rd Shaft Main TO 87 31T5252079$66.67
Gear 5th (25 T) (90-91)5252083$40.00
46Gear 5th Counter Shaft4637535-R$101.50
46Gear 5th Shaft Main 25T5252083$40.00
46Gear 5th Update Kit 47T Includes 5th Gear, Keys & Springs 92-Up462585K$77.77

AX15 Shafts, Input, Main, Cluster and Reverse Idler

DwgDescriptionPart NumberYour Cost
15Shaft Input 10 Splines .590″ Diameter pilot462670A$105.52
15Shaft Input 10 Splines .750″ Diameter pilot462670$119.88
15Shaft Input(10 Splines) (.590″ Diameter pilot) 6 cyl Small Pilot (90-91)5252081-R$118.41
15Shaft Input(10 Splines) (.750″ Diameter pilot) (92-97)4636370-R$105.52
15Shaft Input (14 Splines w/ 29T) (Dakota 2.5L 95-97)462670B$213.53
42Shaft Counter 43-32-21-13-13 Snap Ring Style4636371-R$171.83
42Shaft Counter Jeep Uses Nut 87-955252085$155.00
42Shaft Counter Snap Ring style 43, 32, 21, 13, 124636371-R$171.83
42Shaft Counter uses Nut Jeep 87-955252085-R$155.00
24Shaft Main 4wd462672$141.80
24Shaft Main (4wd) Jeep & Dakota 4X483506243-R$126.67
24Shaft Main 26 Spline 2 WD 92-964636579$86.67
24Shaft Main 27SPL 4X283506244$86.67
24Shaft Main 4X2 (92-96) (26SPL)4636579$86.67
24Shaft Main 4X2 (97-Up) (27SPL)4874288$86.67
24Shaft Main Jeep Dakota 4X483506243-R$126.67
11Reverse Idler Shaft83506258$6.67
10Gear Reverse Idler5252084$46.67

AX15 Bearing Retainer

DwgDescriptionPart NumberYour Cost
Retainer Bearing Plate Rear327724$15.98
7Retainer Bearing Front, Internal Slave Flat462724$61.32
7Retainer Bearing Front, External Slave462724A$84.92
7Retainer Bearing Front 1992-19934636367$26.67
7Retainer Bearing Front 92-97 STEEL4636382$186.67
Retainer Bearing Rear Shaft Main5252036$20.00
7Retainer Front Aluminum 86-915252052$20.00

AX15 Shift Components

DwgDescriptionPart NumberYour Cost
Ball Detent83500542$4.00
Pivot Ball712586E$32.00
Shift Arm Internal (not Shifter Stub)AX15SHIFTARM$26.67
Shifter Seat (Plastic Dough nut)372832$7.80
Bushing Shifter (End of Stick)83500519$1.72
Fork Clutch52107555$41.04

AX15 Housings Adapters

DwgDescriptionPart NumberYour Cost
Bell Housing Conversion Kit AX15 to NV3550712590$532.00
Bell Housing Hollander 408-85453007105-R$438.67
2Main Case 1989-1999NP4636373$173.33
5Housing Adapter (Cherokee) (89-91)372770$284.62
5Housing Adapter (Wrangler) (1989-1999)372770A$308.33
5Housing Adapter (Wrangler) (1989-1999)462770A$300.55
5Housing Adapter (Cherokee) (92-99)4636372$291.67

AX15 Miscellaneous Parts

Jeep Ax15 Transmission Parts Diagram

DwgDescriptionPart NumberYour Cost
52Nut, Counter-shaft462797$7.67
Plug Tail housing83500619$4.00
Snap Ring 3/4 Syncro Front Shaft Main83506093$4.00
Snap Ring 3/4 Syncro Shaft Main83506268$4.00
Snap Ring 5th Shaft Counter83506260$4.00
Snap Ring 5th Shaft Main83506093$4.00
Snap Ring 5th Shaft Main83506099$4.00
Snap Ring Front Shaft Counter83506081$4.00
Snap Ring Front Shaft Counter Bearing83506222$4.00
Snap Ring Front shaft Counter83506086$4.00
Snap Ring Front shaft Counter Bearing83506220$4.00
Snap Ring Front Shaft Main83506086$4.00
Snap Ring Input83506099$4.00
Snap Ring Input Bearing83506222$4.00
Snap Ring Input Bearing83506242$53.33
Snap Ring Rear Main Shaft83506268$4.00
Switch, Back Up Light462411$50.75
Through Out Bearing53008342$60.00
Washer 5th Gear462215$11.43
44Washer Thrust 5th Shaft Counter83506245$13.33
Washer Thrust 1st Gear83506246$13.33