Automatic Transmission Specialist

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AUTO TRANSMISSION SPECIALIST Summer Auto Transmission Sdn Bhd is a well-established auto transmission specialist located in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Our company generally offer services to auto transmission problems for all types of cars. Dexol is a worldwide supplier of rebuilt automatic transmissions, rebuilt converters, rebuilt valve bodies, rebuilt solenoids and solenoid blocks, transmission repair kits and converter parts for American, European and Japanese cars and light trucks as well as for heavy duty and high performance app. Transmission specialists can take ASE certification exams to demonstrate their knowledge of manual and automatic transmissions for automobiles and light trucks. To take the test, candidates must.

  1. Automatic Transmission Specialists Omaha Nebraska
  2. Automatic Transmission Specialist
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Automatic transmission repairs

Automatic Transmission Specialists Omaha Nebraska


Automatic transmissions are great to drive, but they can be expensive beasts when they go wrong. If it is possible to repair your automatic transmission inexpensively, we will give you the option.

Automatic Transmission Specialist


As great as they are, sometimes automatic transmissions can go wrong. When that happens, you want the piece of mind that a thorough job has been done to fix the problem. Our overhauls come with a full warranty.



Automatic Transmission Specialist

Automatic Transmission Specialist

Using decades of experience and some of the latest diagnostic equipment, we can often diagnose the problem with your automatic transmission without having to undo a single bolt!

Auto Mechanic Transmission

At BA Transmissions LTD we specialise in automatic transmissions, and we take pride in being good at what we do.