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If you have an automatic transmission and it 'slips' while you are driving it—that is, the car engine revs without the power going to the wheels—the most common cause (though not the only possible cause) is low transmission fluid. If the slipping is caused by low fluid, it will get worse as the transmission gets hotter. One of the most common and simplest causes of a transmission slip is when there is low automatic transmission fluid. Another cause is when the transmission band is worn out or broken. With this type of problem, you will not only have to deal with the transmission slipping but a multitude of engine troubles, including worn out transmission gears. Automatic transmission problems can be caused by a lack of transmission fluid. If you are experiencing slipping, the first thing you should do is check your transmission fluid levels. If they are low, you should top it up and check for leaks. Slipping can also be caused by burned or worn out fluid. Check DTC Codes. The first step to diagnosing is checking your DTC codes. To do this you’ll need.

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