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APX 120: Entry-level 2x2:2 access point for budget-sensitive projects with basic connectivity requirements. Outdoor Model - Available for Sophos Central management only. APX 320X: 2x2:2 IP67 rated access point for outdoor and exposed areas; directional/sector antenna options available. Sophos APX 120 Access Point (ROW) plain, no power adapter/PoE Injector Learn More Availability: Contact for availability If product is a license, these are always in.

I’ve watched plenty of software demos over the years, be they with or without the thrill of live attacks involving things appearing on your screen, but there really is nothing quite like getting hands-on with a piece of hardware.

Apx 120 Sophos Pro

So, with our new APX Series access points, we thought we’d try our hand at one online phenomenon – the unboxing video.


If you haven’t got around to ordering your APX Series just yet, here’s a taste of what you can expect. We’ve gone for the subtle unboxing approach and in the interest of good taste – we’re a British company after all – have refrained from throwing any packaging on the floor.

Apx 120 Sophos Free

What is an APX?

The APX Series is a new generation of 802.11ac Wave 2 access points, which can be managed through our Sophos Central platform and so alongside your Sophos Endpoint, Intercept X, Mobile, Server, Email and Encryption.

Sophos apx 320

The first three models are already available in most regions:

Apx 120 Sophos Antivirus

Apx 120 sophos antivirus

The APX 120, an entry-level 2×2 model, will be introduced in late 2018 and further models are in planning for 2019.

Apx 120 sophos drivers

The very observant amongst you may have noticed that the second digit in the model number correlates with the MIMO capability, which is fully intentional.

Sophos Apx 120 Solid Red Light

Management support in XG Firewall is planned for late 2018.

Sophos Apx 120 Review

To find out more visit the APX Series and Sophos Wireless pages or take a look at the Sophos Central demo, which includes Wireless.