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My son's iPhone was stolen a few weeks back. We had T-Mobile block the sim card. Since then we received 3 text (sms) messages, 2 from Apple and 1 from Appleinc.
The 2 from Apple both had a message saying:
'Apple report, Your lost iPhone has been located. Track down your last known location online at (2 different links in both texts) and the other one had the following link:

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Apple Support'

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The 1 from Appleinc had the following text:

'Apple report, Your lost iPhone has been found. You can get support about your lost Apple device online at

Apple Support'

When the first 2 from Apple came in I was not suspicious but luckily I did not use the link in the text but logged into iCloud using my computer. I could see that the iPhone was briefly turned on nearby Barcelona, while it was stolen in the Netherlands. When the 3th sms came in about the iPhone being found I did get a feeling that these were actually not coming from Apple but was a very smart way of social engineering. At least I think. The sms and even the webpage that you are being diverted to a very real looking Apple site.

Can you confirm that Apple never sends out text message about a located or found iPhone (when stolen)?

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Posted on Jul 30, 2018 12:05 PM