Apple Music Shazam

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Shazam is now a part of the Apple Music family!

Apple Music Shazam

Shazam also offers time-synced lyrics and music videos from YouTube and Apple Music. Recently, Apple introduced a new Shazam toggle to Control Center in iOS 14.2 to make the app more accessible. The special holiday offer was quietly announced in an update to Shazam's App Store listing, which notes new users can receive five months of Apple Music for free by downloading Shazam. The Shazam app was Apple-fied with prominent Apple Music tags and links for your identified songs soon after the tech titan completed its acquisition back in 2018. But still, it could only connect.

Apple Music Shazam

People use Shazam to listen to songs for the purpose of identifying what song is playing. Shazams are recorded anytime your song is recognized by the Shazam app or one of the partner apps that use Shazam technology. Shazam data is currently available in Apple Music for Artists, throughout the web and app experience.

Shazam Data

If your song is shazamed, you'll find Shazam data incorporated throughout your Apple Music for Artists profile. In the Overview section, quickly view key metrics such as Shazam Insights and Top Shazams.

Trends will allow you to dig deeper in to your data and see detailed demographics about the listeners who shazamed your track, while Places will show your top shazamed countries and regions around the world. If you want to view all of your data for all of your music in one place, go to the Your Music section of your profile.

Charting on Shazam

When you have a top Shazam track in a country or city, your track will appear in a Shazam chart. Charting on Shazam will display your track’s position and movement on the chart in a given country, region, or city in the last seven days.
Select a specific song to see every country and city chart the track appears on. To see the Top Charts for your Top Songs, click See All in the Charting on Shazam section of Overview or Your Music.
Chart data updates every 24 hours. If your track has not been included in a Shazam chart, you will not see this section displayed in your profile.

Trending on Shazam

If your music is trending on Shazam, we'll send you a weekly Trending on Shazam email to highlight your top Shazam trends. Get a quick snapshot of which of your songs are On Fire, On the Rise, or Reacting. For more detailed information about this email, review Communication Preferences.

When does a Shazam count toward my songs?

Whenever a Shazam has been recorded for one of your songs, you will see it counted as a Shazam in your Apple Music for Artists profile.

Apple Music Shazam Playlist

Because Shazam listens to a portion of audio from a song in order to recognize it, there may be times when the portion of audio being listened to happens to be identical to a portion of audio from a different version of the same song. For example, an original version of a song and a remix version of that same song, often include some portions of audio that are exactly the same. In these cases, the Shazam will count toward the version of your song that is determined to be the best match, which is why you may see variations in the number of Shazams across different versions of the same tracks.

Apple Music Shazam

We process the Shazam data shown in Apple Music for Artists and the Shazam app on different systems and schedules. For this reason, you may see a difference in the Shazams shown on the Apple Music for Artists dashboard when compared to the Shazam app.