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基于 apidoc 工具生成的接口文档转 markdown 文档. 使用 apidoc 工具生成接口文档,其实已经满足接口文档查阅所需,然而接口文档被按照统一格式维护与管理(对外-markdown),为满足 😌 两者共存,于是就出现了 apidoc-markdown 😁 其实已经有一个 apidoc-markdown 这样的扩展 npm install -g apidoc. Apidoc-markdown lets you convert data from apiDoc to a nice and portable Markdown documentation! This project is a full-rewrite fork of @martinj/node-apidoc-markdown, which transfered the npm package name apidoc-markdown to me.

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Commit XML or markdown files directly to the apidoc git repo. This requires that you have access to git and know how to edit text files directly. Apidoc-markdown Generate API documentation in markdown format from API annotations in your source code.

Modular documentation generator for rest framwork apis

Project description

Django REST Framework APIDoc
Library to better documentation system for Django REST framework.
This support file based documentation and other markup languages like RestructuredText or Textile.
To configure apidoc in djangorestframework version <= 2.3.8, you need to monkey
patch it. Add this line in a very first loaded models module
.. code:: python
from rest_framework_apidoc.monkey import patch_api_view; patch_api_view()
Then you have to configure your `VIEW_DESCRIPTION_FUNCTION` of `REST_FRAMEWORK`
setting to use the rest_framework_apidoc version:
.. code:: python
'VIEW_DESCRIPTION_FUNCTION': 'rest_framework_apidoc.apidoc.get_view_description',
Then you can configure your apidoc default documenter classes:
.. code:: python
APIDOC_DEFAULT_DOCUMENTER_CLASSES = ['rest_framework_apidoc.apidoc.MDDocStringDocumenter']
The `APIDOC_DEFAULT_DOCUMENTER_CLASSES` default value is `['rest_framework_apidoc.apidoc.MDDocStringsDocumenter']`
If you use file based documentation, you can set the path to your documentation files:
You can override the default setting for a APIView adding the attribute `documenter_classes`.
.. code:: python
APIDOC_DOCUMENTATION_PATH = 'my-api-documentation'
The `APIDOC_DOCUMENTATION_PATH` default value is `apidoc`
APIDoc Mixins
The documenter classes are composed by 2 types of mixings, the content mixins
and the process mixins. The content mixins obtain the documentation text, and
the process mixing transform this text in another thing.
Content mixins
* **FileContentMixin**: Get the content from a file named like the url_name +
extension attribute of the class (if exists), and placed in the
* **DocStringContentMixin**: Get the content from the APIView doc string.
Process mixins
* **MarkupProcessMixin**: Use django-markup to convert to html the content, based
on the markup class attribute.
* **NoProcessMixin**: Do nothing
* **SafeProcessMixin**: Mark as safe the content.
Documenter Classes
Composed by FileContentMixin and MarkupProcessMixin with extension = '.rst' and markup = 'restructuredtext'
Composed by DocStringContentMixin and MarkupProcessMixin with markup = 'restructuredtext'
Composed by FileContentMixin and MarkupProcessMixin with extension = '.md' and markup = 'markdown'
Composed by DocStringContentMixin and MarkupProcessMixin with markup = 'markdown'
Composed by FileContentMixin and MarkupProcessMixin with extension = '.textile' and markup = 'textile'
Composed by DocStringContentMixin and MarkupProcessMixin with markup = 'textile'
Composed by FileContentMixin and NoProcessMixin with extension = '.txt'
Composed by DocStringContentMixin and NoProcessMixin
Composed by FileContentMixin, SafeProcessMixin with extension = '.html'
Composed by DocStringContentMixin and SafeProcessMixin

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