Apache Rest Client

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Apache Wink is a simple yet solid framework for building RESTful Web services. It is comprised of a Server module and a Client module for developing and consuming RESTful Web services.
Apache Rest Client
  • Org.apache.juneau.rest.client8.2.0.jar Built upon the feature-rich Apache HttpClient library, the Juneau RestClient API adds support for fluent-style REST calls and the ability to perform marshalling of POJOs to and from HTTP parts.
  • Use Postman's API client to create and save REST, SOAP, and GraphQL queries. Send requests, inspect responses, and easily debug APIs.

Apache Wink Server

The Wink Server module is a complete implementation of the JAX-RS v1.1 specification. On top of this implementation, the Wink Server module provides a set of additional features that were designed to facilitate the development of RESTful Web services.

Apache Camel Rest Client

Java REST client example 1 This first example shows a combination of these Apache HttpClient classes used to get information from the Yahoo Weather API. That service actually returns information in an RSS format, but if you don't mind parsing that XML, it's an easy way to get weather updates.

Apache wink rest client example

Apache Rest Client

Apache Wink Client

The Wink Client module is a Java based framework that provides functionality for communicating with RESTful Web services. The framework is built on top of the JDK HttpURLConnection and adds essential features that facilitate the development of such client applications.

REST Web Services with HTTP POST. If REST is enabled, the Axis2 server will act as both a REST endpoint and a SOAP endpoint. When a message is received, if the content type is text/xml and if the SOAPAction Header is missing, then the message is treated as a RESTful Message, if not it is treated as a usual SOAP Message. In this quick article, we will discuss step by step how to use Apache HttpClient 4.5 to make an HTTP DELETE request. The HTTP DELETE request method requests delete the resource specified by the URI.