Animated Imessage

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So to add one of your GIFs to a iMessage or text in the Messages app, you simply have to tap the camera icon, then tap Photos, and find the Animated folder. Tap the GIF you want to send, then. What to Know To set up, go to Settings Messages enable iMessage Send & Receive select phone number or email address. Tap the A to send animated GIFs, music, or stickers. This article explains how to set up iMessage on the iPad.


At last the cat emoji stickers app you have been looking for!

Animated Text Iphone

Meet Snowflake and her new friends, Domino, Archie, Marmalade, Silvermist, Tigerlily, Charcoal and Shadow!

Send someone a smile with these fun animated stickers for iMessage. With 8 different cats and 19 different emojis each you will always have that “purrfect” emoji for your message.

Watch out for Shadow in dark mode!

Animated messages for anniversary

“8 amazing cats each with 19 different animations for everyday messages!”

Animated Imessage

“Full support for dark mode in iOS 13!”

“Free to download!”


Imessage Animated Text

“Send someone a smile today! Meow!”