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W.W. Williams took care of us. I dropped my truck off the night before and they called me when it was ready. Time is important to a small business like us and they did it quickly.

TranSynd™ heavy-duty automatic transmission fluid, a remarkable synthetic oil exclusively formulated by Castrol for Allison Automatics, extends Allison transmission oil drain intervals 300%. TranSynd's viscosity stability and resistance to thermal breakdown protect your Allison Automatic far better, far longer. For more than 100 years, Allison Transmission has continuously discovered new ways to make work easier and more efficient. Believing our customers simply deserve the best, we design and build fully automatic transmissions that deliver premium performance with.

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The people at W.W. Williams are honest and kind. I really appreciate that they allow me to wait at the facility while the repair is being done.


The customer service W.W. Williams provided was excellent. Steven was knowledgeable about what he was doing. He tried to explain it to us over the phone, had a great attitude, and was responsive.

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W.W. Williams is the only facility in our area that can handle the work on the Allison Transmission. They know what they are doing.


W.W. Williams does a great job – I have used them for years! They are the best…Allison service facility in the state.


W.W. Williams got my truck in and out in a timely manner. I have been using them for about 20 years.

Natural Gas CompanyAllison Transmission Service

W.W. Williams is the Allison service facility in our area. They do a great job.

Local CommissionerAllison Transmission Service

W.W. Williams provided quality work and were professional.

City of TuskegeeAllison Transmission Service

W.W. Williams provides quality work that is efficient.

County Commission Allison Transmission Service

We send all of our Allison work to W.W. Williams. They get the job done.

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