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1 Airmail: A Brief History The air mail route is the first step toward the universal commercial use of the aeroplane. Lipsner, Superintendent of Aerial Mail Service, 19181 When airmail began in 1918, airplanes were still a fairly new invention. Regular airmail service in the United States was begun in 1918 between Washington, D.C., and New York City, using War Department planes and pilots. The first transcontinental airmail service was established in 1920, between San Francisco and New York City.

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These giant arrows were called Beacon Stations and helped guide the pilots of early airmail flights across the nation.
They were at the base of 50 foot skeleton towers that had a 24' or 36' rotating beacon and in the early days painted Chrome Yellow. Where electicity was unavailable they had a generator shed on the feather end of the arrow to power the beacon. The site number was painted on one side of the roof of the shed, the other side had the airway.They pointed to the next higher numbered beacon station, directing the pilot along his route. All arrows pointed east on the west-east airways and north on the south-north airways. They were built between December 1926 and November 1932, when metal arrows became the standard.

Each photo is a link to a webpage with more photos and information about that site, including the gps location.

There were 34 Contract Air Mail (C.A.M.) routes that pilots flew the airmail over. We have arranged the arrows by their C.A.M. No._beacon No., airway and name.

Example: 1_09 NY-B Bethany-means Contract Air Mail route No. 1, beacon site No. 9 on the New York-Boston airway, Bethany, Department of Commerce Intermediate Landing Field-(abreviated to DOCILF).

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You can also search by State, by going to the Arrows & Beacons page.