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Acronis Mac
I used ATI for Windows for years and while it was a pain to admin and always had a bug or three, it was pretty configurable and did a good job, if you put in effort. This is not the same ATI. It has almost no configuration options, no custom scheduling of backup sets and consolidation rules, no notifications.
But the big feature that interested me is it claims to be able to do snapshot-consistent backups of Parallels Desktop v.11 images. In fact, Parallels also advertises this and even has a button from within PD to launch ATI. However, THIS DOES NOT WORK -- ATI 2016 cannot create PD11 snapshots. Acronis support acknowledges this problem and claims it will be fixed in a future update (while Parallels confirms it's an ATI problem), but both ATI 2016 and PD11 have been out for months now, no ETA on any such fix.
Acronis' suggested workaround? Downgrade to PD10. Hahaha, downgrade one of the main apps I use all day long to work around a bug in backup software? No. Since PD backup is the only unique feature and the only reason I can see to choose ATI for Mac, I'm not. If they ever fix this showstopper bug, I'll definitely be happy to try it again.

What is Acronis True Image for Mac Acronis True Image provides the following protection features: Acronis Active Protection offers advanced, active protection against data loss to ransomware Acronis Notary ensures your backup data remains identical to the original data and delivers a unique certificate affirming the data was unaltered.

  • I can't seem to find instructions on doing a complete uninstall of Acronis True Image 2017 for the Mac. Considering that the app has a ton of launchd and plist files, I don't want to just trash it. Because my demo period has expired I can't seem to get a download link to the software to look for an uninstaller or check the package for an.
  • Acronis True Image Unlimited is a full system image backup solution for your PC and Mac. Now you can backup all your files, pictures, and entire digital life to the security of the cloud with unlimited cloud storage space.


Acronis true image download 2017

Using Acronis True Image 2019 and later you can duplicate all your data and make macOS bootable on your new hard drive via Disk Cloning. You can use this to migrate to a new Mac computer or to clone the system to an external HDD and have a bootable copy of the system.

Keep in mind the following limitations:

  • Only an entire disk can be cloned, not selected partitions.
  • Only the entire disk can be selected as a destination.
  • Fusion Drives are supported as a cloning source and/or destination starting from Acronis True Image 2019 Update 2 (Build 14610)

For more information about Disk Cloning Utility see product documentation.

If Acronis True Image is installed on macOS 11 Big Sur, then disk with a Boot Camp can only be cloned via Bootable Media. See KB article 67265 for more information.


To clone your Mac disk follow the steps below:


Uninstall Acronis Mac

  1. If you have Parallels Desktop virtual machines running on your Mac, make sure that they are turned off.
  2. Make sure that the source and destination drives are connected to your Mac. If you need to connect another Mac, make sure that it is connected in target disk mode. Refer to product documentation for details.
  3. Open Acronis True Image. On the sidebar, click Disk Cloning
  4. By default, your internal system drive is pre-selected as a cloning source. If you want to change it, click the cloning source icon, and then select the drive that you want to clone.
    When you start the cloning operation, the destination drive will be formatted, and all of the data stored on it will be irreversibly erased. Make sure that the disk is empty or does not contain valuable data.
  5. Click Clone to start the cloning operation.
  6. If the destination disk contains data, Acronis True Image will ask for user confirmation to format the target disk. Click Format to proceed

Acronis Mac Review

More information

Encrypted disks can be cloned under live system. Cloning under bootable media will not work.

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