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A4ld pan

Transmission Model Number A4LD Applications, Specifications, Dimensions, Ratios. Newest April 19, 2021 Converting A Stock 1967 Mustang Coupe Into An Iconic Fastback Builds and Examples April 18, 2021 This 1964 Buick Riviera is a Stealth Custom Rides & Roadkillers.

A4LD master rebuild box kit for Ford, Mercury, Mazda, and Merkur automatic transmissions. This kit fits the 1985-1996, non-electronic, 4 speed o - OPT-A4LD-RB. Bullripper.com heavy duty utility Ford A4LD overdrive transmission and torque converter built by Transmission Exchange Co for 1985-94 Ford applications. This transmission was used in light duty Ford applications with 4.0L and smaller engines like Ranger, Explorer, Bronco II, Aerostar, and Mustang.

  • A4LD 3-4 SHIFT (26-40 ohms) - Has the Steel Inner Piece

    FITS (1985-1995) A4LD (26-40 Ohms) OEM Compatible Plug Replaces OEM# E8TZ-7M107A Alternate Number K56423A-B Product Details
  • Governor, 4.0L(Incl. Governor .3 14' Small Bore,Valve,Spring,Weight)

    Used and Quality Inspected, 86-95 Product Details
  • Governor, Small Land on Valve is .326' OD(3.0L)

    Used and Quality Inspected, 90-95 Product Details
  • Governor, Small Land on Valve is .385' OD(2.3L Exc. 87-90 Mustang)

    Used and Quality Inspected, 85-95 Product Details
  • Tool, EXTENDO PIN, Reverse A4LD/4R44 E/4R55E/5R55E

This guide will help you to identify your transmission and assemble the information needed to order a replacement. As you go through the guide, the information we need to process your order will be printed in RED. Please read the entire guide before ordering. Thank you.


To properly identify your transmission the following information is needed:

Year Make Model Engine Size Is Transmission OEM (2.3L, 2.8-2.9L, 3.0L)

The VIN 8th digit is the “Engine ID” and the 10th digit is the “Year” (’80=A, H=’87, J=’88, ‘N=92)



TURBO Is your engine a turbo?

1988-Up Has 3-wire lock-up connector (Left side/Front)

1987-1988 Only Must verify 2-wire or 3-wire.

1985-Up All Mustangs Must verify 2-wire or 3-wire.


A4ld Transmission For Sale

**IMPORTANT NOTE** Cooler line size MUST be verified for all transmissions!
1985-87 Cooler line SHOULD be 5/16″
1988-Up Cooler line SHOULD be 3/8″

All Years Bronco II – 2 Wheel Drive Does vehicle have a dummy transfer case?

1988 Bronco II & Ranger MUST verify year; make sure it is not a 1989 model.

1989 Bronco II & Ranger Is the shift arm UP or DOWN?

4.0 Liter Engine Must get code from converter – the letters are inked on the flywheel side of the converter.

A4ld Shift Kit

1992-Up All 2-Wheel Drive Does the tail have a sensor hole or is the hole plugged?

A4ld Mods

1990-Up Aerostar Is the vehicle a 2-wheel drive or All-wheel drive?
1992 Only Is the shift arm UP or DOWN?

1995??-Up Is there an 8-pin square black connector on the drivers side of the transmission near the shifter? If YES this is NOT an A4LD Transmission. It is a 4R44E (4-Speed, 3.0L), 4R55E (4-Speed, 4.0L), 5R44E (5-Speed, 3.0L), or 5R55E (5-Speed, 4.0L). These transmissions we MUST rebuild your unit.

A4ld Transmission For Sale

To order the transmission call 800-622-4836and ask for the Sales Department.