A340e Transmission

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Toyota A340E/F/H, AW4, A341E, A343E/F (RWD) VEHICLE TRANSBANNERSTEEL MODEL YEARS TYPE KIT KITENGINE TOYOTA: 1Cressida1987-92 7M-GEA340E K7200-S K7200-9A Supra 1986-4/93 Non-TurboA340E K7200-S K7200-9 Supra 5/93-98 Non-TurboA340E K7200-S K7200-9B Supra 1987-4/93 TurboA340E K7200A-S K7200C-9 Supra 5/93-98 2TurboA341E K7200C-S K7200C-9A. HERCOO A340E A340F Transmission Shift Solenoid +TCC Lockup Solenoid with Filter Gasket Kit Compatible with 2000-2004 Toyota 4Runner Lexus 4.5 out of 5 stars 11 $105.55.

4: Exploded view of the AE transmission and components to be removed. Raise the vehicle and support it safely with jackstands. Double check the security .

Automatic Transmission. Applicable Model. AF. AH.

AE. '91 Supra, '91 Cressida.

Toyota a340e transmission diagram

'91 Truck, '91 4 runner. ”91 Truck, ”91 4 runner.

Overhaul Kit, A/E/F/H, AF, 4-Runner 8/,Tacoma 8/, Land Cruiser ,. 1 Overhaul Kit, AE/F, Toyota Previa Super Charged AE hydraulic system. Source: diagramweb.net You experience a harsh engagement when the transmission is put into any drive.


The major changes to the AE at the Toyota AE .

important in helping to reduce contamination from affecting the operation of the transmission.AT-2 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION - Description DESCRIPTION GENERAL The AE is a 4-speed, Electronic Controlled Transmission (hereafter called ECT) developed for use with high-performance engines such as the 7M-GE and 7M-GTE.

A lock-up mechanism is built into the torque converter.

A340e transmission specs

Common Problems Found In The Toyota AE Transmission. Posted by Regis on Wednesday, March 20th, The AE is an automatic transmission made by Toyota.


It was used extensively throughout their lineup, from all the way through the model . The major changes to the AE valve body took place in , with the introduction of Toyota’s V8.


A340e Transmission For Sale

One of the changes was the use of a pressure con-trol solenoid. The V6 and 4-cylinder models still use a TV cable. The valve body that we’ll look at is from a Toyota .

A340e Transmission Compatibility

Toyota, Lexus AE, AH, AF transmission. New master rebuild kit.

A340e Transmission Rebuild Kit

Also included is a Transtec soft parts kit with every rubber seal and gasket that you'll need to complete your rebuild. Whether you need AE wiring diagram information, AE transmission rebuilders tips, AE technical information, AE diagnostics, AE troubleshooting help, or just answers to your AE transmission rebuilders question, the Transmission Rebuilders Network is the place to go!Vista Transmission Parts A A Automatic PartsToyota A transmission - Wikipedia