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7 Speed Dsg


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All models from the Polo to the Arteon may be equipped with automatic dual-clutch gearboxes (DSG). Six-speed and seven-speed DSG gearboxes are available. Both versions are extremely economical and offer unprecedented gearshift dynamics. Apart from the number of forward gears, the DSG gearboxes are equipped with different types of clutch.

Jul 11, 2018
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VW/AUDI SPECIAL TOOLS 0AM (7 SPEED DSG) 0AM DSG 7 Speed Clutch Install/Pressing Tool Used for installing clutch on 7-speed dual clutch gearbox 0AM. 0AM.TOOL12 0AM DSG 7 Speed Clutch Removal Tool This puller is used to remove the dual clutch his puller is a modification of the earlier puller and optimizes the flow of power during. The DQ500 transmission is a 7-speed transverse mounted gearbox introduced by Volkswagen AG for larger and high torque output vehicles that is in large-scale series production.

Hi all
A few months back our Mechatronics packed it in, after quite a lot of research I decided to replace the unit myself.
I recently replaced the unit guided by the repair manual and ross tech the install was seamless, I coded the unit to match the old, topped up the oil and attempted to perform the basic settings procedure.
Now I was struggling to find the measuring block for the mechatronics temp, I believe its G510 found in group 011.1 can someone translate that to laymen's terms?
Anyway I had a rough guess at the temp thinking it wouldn't be a huge deal if we were off by 10 or so degrees, I performed the basic settings and that all went well, 4 0 0 then 254 0 0, now on the defined test drive I couldn't manage to complete it correctly the drive in each gear for 3 seconds failed as the car wouldn't change past 3rd gear. I tried to complete the rest the best I could, after stopping and starting I was getting all 7 gears but the gearbox was very very rough, I had read it is self learning so I checked for faults which there were none, and continued to drive.
Twice the vehicle stalled and as stated before the changes were very rough, almost like the clutches weren't fully engaging. On return home I scanned the car again, I have several trans fault codes they are as follows:

I believe the unit is coded correctly, I believe the basic settings was successful apart from temp. I have a few things I want to check, the clutch fork actuators are seated correctly, I believe they are but I will confirm, I have also corresponded with the company who supplied the mechatronic unit in regards to the clutch for actuators as they were unistalled when I received the unit.
Please note the gearbox was performing seamlessly before the mechatronic failure, no clutch fault codes or anything of that nature.
Thanks for taking the time to read about my problems and I really do appreciate any tips and feedback.

The new DSG differs technically from its 6-speed counterpart, not only in the type of clutch, but also in its seven forward gears. The choice of seven gears was made for the following reasons:

  • In the 7-gear configuration it was possible to lay out the first gear to be shorter; this improves start-off dynamics.
  • Despite its shorter starting gear ratios, the transmission is characterized by gear steps that are comfortable and tightly spaced overall, as well as an overdrive. This seventh gear with a long gear ratio has a positive effect on fuel economy, emissions and low-noise comfort.

7 Speed Dsg Volkswagen Transmission

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