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6L90 9404 0955 Offset Rear 9581 0945 With exhaust ports are 2010-earlier, use 24245720 separator plate. ISS and OSS bosses short on the 6L80 and 6L90. No exhaust ports are 2010–later. ISS and OSS bosses tall on the 6L45 and 6L50. Figure 3 6L80: Four holes offset to left. 6L90: Four holes offset to right. 6L45, 6L50: Four holes are centered in. 6L80/6L90 (MYC, MYD) 1-2-3-4 Slip Condition, Possible No movement Forward CONCERN: 6L80/6L90 (RPO MYC, MYD) applications built before June of 2010 may exhibit a slip condition related to the operation of the 1 -2-3-4 clutch. This condition may be present in more than one forward gear or if. The 6L90 transmission for sale our lowest price yet. This Hydra-Matic six speed automatic is a direct replacement for the Chevy Camaro, Express van, Savannah, Sierra, Suburban, Yukon and Tahoe. The 6L90E fits in vehicles who's years range from 2003 and up. 6L90 Transmission. The 6L90 transmission is a 6-speed GM automatic transmission designed for rear-wheel drive and rear focused all-wheel drive vehicles. Paired with GM's V8 Vortec VVT and V8 Duramax engines the 6L90 transmission is found in GM heavy duty. SonnaFlow® Chart: 6L90, 2011 Truck (with Tow Pack) December 12, 2014. GM 6L45, 6L50, 6L80, 6L90 Valve Body Layout. October 28, 2014. Easy Pressure Switch Rebuilds for 6L- & Gen. 1 6T-Series Units. October 27, 2014. Under Pressure: Shift Quality & Pressure Switches in TEHCM Applications. September 23, 2014. 6L80/6L90 'No Movement' After Repair.




We have two levels of the 6L90E transmission. Our stage 0ne 6l90e transmission that is good for up to 700 Hp and then our stage two which can handle up to 1000 Hp. We have an option to reprogram our 6 speed transmissions prior to shipping, when ordering let us know what your are installing the transmission in. Our harness will connect directly to the GM performance LS controller so you have very little wiring to worry about. You can also special order a standalone harness for your custom application, call for more details. If you need calibration services, we can support that for most GM 6 speed transmissions.


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