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The 68RFE was introduced in 2007 Ram 2500 and 3500 Pickups with the 6.7L Cummins ISB Diesel engine. The basic design and operation is the same or similar to the 45 and 545RFE counterparts with the following exceptions: larger bellhousing with different bolt pattern and cutout to accommodate diesel engine.

This transmission has been remanufactured at our state of the art facility using the latest advancements in aftermarket technology. We have carefully engineered a process that allows a 68RFE rebuild to maximize performance and durability while staying within a wholesale price range.

This heavy duty transmission is a direct replacement for Dodge Ram 2500, 3500, 1 Ton, and 3/4 Ton Trucks.

Transmission Name
  • 68RFE
Vehicle Compatibility
  • Ram 2500
  • Ram 3500
Years Covered
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
New, Used, or Rebuilt
  • Performance Remanufactured

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  • Vehicle Info
  • Warranty
  • Our Process
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68RFE Transmission Specs and Applications
DodgeRam 25006.7L Cummins ISB Diesel2007-2012
Ram 35006.7L Cummins ISB Diesel2007-2012
68RFE Info
Gears / Type:6 Speed Automatic Transmission
Original Manufacturer:Chrsyler
Group:RFE series
4X2 or 4X4:We have 2 and 4WD models available.
Recommended Fluid:ATF
Torque Converter:We don't charge extra for necessary components. The 68RFE torque converter is included with every transmission.
Upgraded 68RFE parts:Yes:
Performance shift kit, valve body improver kit, and more.
Please call for extreme performance upgrades
Dyno Tested:Yes:
up to 35,000 RPM at an extended period of time.
Inspection, Checked for:Leaks
Shifting Difficulties
Excessive Noise
Temperature and Performance
68RFE Gear Ratios:

3.23 - First
1.83 - Second
1.41 - Third
1.00 - Fourth
0.81 - Fifth
0.62 - Sixth
4.44 - Reverse


The 68RFE does not have 2nd gear prime for downshifting. The 68RFE transmission has a larger bellhousing with a different bolt pattern to accommodate the larger diesel engines. This transmission also has modified internal components to handle the torque and diesel engine.

Hollander Interchange Numbers:

Manufacturer part number:

FREE shipping on all covered warranties
This transmission comes with a 3 year nationwide warranty.
We cover you against any manufactured defects on this part.
We do not charge restocking or shipping fees when a transmission qualifies for a warranty. Restocking and shipping fees are applied if a customer wants to return a non defective transmission or is outside the continental United States.
Buyers warranty begins at original date of purchase and expires 3 years or 36 thousand miles thereafter.
This warranty does not cover any of the following:
Use of engine, clutches, transfer case, drive line, and/or differential for purposes for which it was not originally designed (such as off-road, race car, etc.)
Abuse, neglect, accident, or improper towing
Towing charges, vehicle rental
Loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle, commercial loss or consequential damages
Failure because of defects or inefficiencies or parts or assemblies not furnished with the transmission (flywheel, clutch, drive shaft, etc)
Broken Gears or Shafts
Cracked or broken cases
No claims for labor or consequential damages will be accepted
We are not liable for misuse or negligence causing damage, defect, injury, or loss.
Unit must be returned for our inspection to determine fault.
Warranty Process:
In the rare case of a transmission failure please call our warranty department where a representative will assist you in the warranty process. Call Monday-Friday 9-5 Central 1-888-995-7278

Every transmission has been run on a state of the art Dyno. A Dyno simulates the conditions encountered by a transmission during every day and extreme use. This ensures that when your part arrives, it will have been rigorously tested for noises, leaks, vibrations and performance. Any part that does not meet our strict guidelines will be completely disassembled and gone through until our quality requirements have been restored.
OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Our parts meet or exceed the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer.
Some transmissions have inherent factory flaws causing them to chronically break down. Through years of experience we have developed several procedures to help fix these problems.
Every remanufactured transmission has been built and inspected by a certified technician. Our technicians have an average experience of 10 years or more.
New Parts
All wearable parts are replaced, this includes: seals, bearings, synchronizers, rings, bushings, bands, gaskets, keys, and much more.
The final process before shipment is a complete inspection of the entire unit. During our inspection process, even the smallest of inconsistencies are addressed.

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  • The 68RFE transmission has been the biggest leap forward in terms of Dodge automatic transmissions since the inception of the Dodge Cummins power plant. In the past, the mediocre four speed transmissions were the inherent weak link for the powertrain.
  • BD Diesel's industry leading custom valve body separator plate gaskets allow for much higher line pressure in the 68RFE transmission. Incredibly, they do this with significant reduction in cross leaks that result in many areas of damage, when compared to stock and other applications.
Chrysler RFE transmission
ManufacturerChrysler Corporation
Also called45RFE/545RFE
Body and chassis
Class4, 5 or 6-speed automatic
PredecessorChrysler TorqueFlite transmission
SuccessorTorqueFlite 8 transmission

The RFE is an automatic transmission family from Chrysler. The name refers to its Rear wheel drive design and Full Electronic control system.[1]

45RFE and 545RFE[edit]

The 45RFE was introduced in the Jeep Grand Cherokee in 1999, it is notable for including three planetary gearsets rather than the two normally used in a 4-speed automatic. It also features three multiple disc input clutches, three multiple disc holding clutches, and a dual internal filter system (one primary filter for transmission sump, one for the fluid cooler return system). In the 45RFE applications four gears are utilized. In the 545RFE four gears are used on the upshift and a new 'gear', 2nd Prime, was used with a different (1.67:1 rather than 1.50:1) ratio to increase versatility when downshifting. Although, with some tuning, you can get the 545RFE to upshift into 2nd Prime.

68rfe Problems

The 45RFE was produced at the Indiana Transmission plant in Kokomo, Indiana. It was normally paired with the 4.7 L PowerTechV8.

The 45RFE later became the 5-speed 545RFE.

  • Gear Ratios:
    • 1st 3.00:1
    • 2nd 1.67:1
  • 545RFE only: 2nd Prime 1.50:1
    • 3rd 1.00:1
    • 4th 0.75:1
    • Reverse 3.00:1


  • 45RFE
    • 1999–2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee (4.7L)
    • 2002–early 2003 Jeep Liberty (3.7L)
    • 2000–2002 Dodge Dakota (4.7L) and '(3.9L) Sport Edition Dakota'
    • 2000–2002 Dodge Durango (4.7L)
    • 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 (3.7L and 4.7)
  • 545RFE
    • 2001–2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee (4.7L, 4.7L H.O.,5.7L Hemi, 6.4L Hemi)
    • 2005–2006 Jeep Liberty (Diesel applications)
    • 2003–2011 Dodge Ram (3.7L, 4.7L, 5.7L Hemi)
    • 2005–2011 Dodge Power Wagon
    • 2003–2011 Dodge Dakota (4.7L, 4.7L H.O.)
    • 2003–2011 Dodge Durango (4.7L, 5.7L)
    • 2006–2010 Jeep Commander (4.7L, 5.7L Hemi)
    • 2007–2010 Jeep Wrangler (2.8 L CRD)
    • 2007–present LTI/London Taxi CompanyTX4
    • 2007-2009 Chrysler Aspen (4.7L, 5.7L Hemi)


The 68RFE was introduced in 2007 Ram 2500 and 3500 Pickups with the 6.7L CumminsISB Diesel engine.The basic design and operation is the same or similar to the 45 and 545RFE counterparts with the following exceptions:

  • larger bellhousing with different bolt pattern and cutout to accommodate diesel engine
  • modified internal components to handle increased torque of diesel engine
  • revised gear ratios and Transmission Controller programming for larger application
  • no 2nd gear prime for downshifting like the 45RFE and 545RFE transmissions
  • Gear Ratios:
    • 1st 3.23:1
    • 2nd 1.83:1
    • 3rd 1.41:1
    • 4th 1.00:1
    • 5th 0.81:1
    • 6th 0.62:1
    • Reverse 4.44:1


  • 2007–present Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 Pickup (6.7L CumminsISB Diesel)

65RFE and 66RFE[edit]

For the 2012 model year, the 545RFE was recalibrated and introduced as the 65RFE in 1500 Ram models. With the exception of an improved torque converter, it is physically the same as its predecessor. The key difference in the 65RFE is the ability to use all six forward gears in sequence when using Electronic Range Select mode. In normal drive mode, however, the 65RFE uses the shift pattern of the 545RFE; thus never using 2nd and 3rd gears in succession. 2500 and 3500 models with gas engines received the 66RFE, a hybrid of 68RFE internals (including the gearset) packaged in a 545RFE case.

Gear Ratios:

  • 65RFE
    • 1st 3.00:1
    • 2nd 1.67:1
    • 3rd 1.50:1
    • 4th 1.00:1
    • 5th 0.75:1
    • 6th 0.67:1
    • Reverse 3.00:1
  • 66RFE
    • 1st 3.231:1
    • 2nd 1.837:1
    • 3rd 1.410:1
    • 4th 1.000:1
    • 5th 0.816:1
    • 6th 0.625:1
    • Reverse 4.444:1

68rfe Vs Aisin


  • 65RFE
    • 2012 Dodge Durango (5.7L)
    • 2012-2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee (5.7L)
    • 2012 Ram 1500 (4.7L, 5.7L)
  • 66RFE
    • 2012 Ram 2500 (5.7L)
    • 2012 Ram Chassis Cab 3500 (5.7L)
    • 2012 Dodge Power Wagon
    • 2014 Ram 2500 (6.4L)

Basic RFE operation[edit]

68rfe Pump

The fully electronic control is accomplished by the Transmission Control Module (TCM). Depending on year and application, it can either be a stand-alone module or integrated with the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). The TCM uses data from various transmission and engine sensors to control transmission shifting. The TCM operates the solenoid pack to change hydraulic flow through the valve body to various clutches in the transmission. The solenoid pack is mounted directly to the valve body; its connector protrudes from a hole on the left side of the transmission. On the 45 and 545RFE the hydraulic control system design (without electronic assist) provides the transmission with PARK, REVERSE, NEUTRAL, SECOND, and THIRD gears, based solely on driver shift lever selection. This design allows the vehicle to be driven (in “limp-in” mode) in the event of an electronic control system failure, or a situation that the Transmission Control Module (TCM) recognizes as potentially damaging to the transmission. On the 68RFE, fourth gear is used for limp-in instead of second and third.

All RFE transmissions use Mopar ATF +4. Service fill is 6–8 quarts + transmission filter.


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68rfe Transmission For Sale

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68rfe Torque Converter

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