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  • 1950–1965 Ford-O-Matic
  • 1958–1979 Cruise-O-Matic
    • 1968–1981 FMX—A hybrid of the FX and MX
    • 1964–1981 C4
      • Most small-block V8 powered cars of the 1960s and 1970s in the North American market
    • 1966–1996 C6
      • Most big-block V8 powered cars/trucks of the 1960s and 1970s in the North American market, All Fseries trucks without O/D, 80 thru 96 (97 For F250HD, F350, and F-Superduty models)
    • 1974–1989 C3—Light-duty, smaller than the C4
    • 1982–1986 C5—Improved C4, with a lock-up converter
    • 1985–1994 A4LD—C3 with overdrive
    • 1989–1996 E4OD—C6 with overdrive
    • 1998–2004 4R100—Replaces the E4OD transmission
    • 1995–2001 4R44E—Electronically controlled A4LD, light-duty
    • 1995–1997 4R55E—Electronically controlled A4LD, heavy-duty
  • 1997–Current 5R44/5R55 Series—5-speed 5R44E/5R55E/N/S/W based on the 4R44E/4R55E, Bordeaux Automatic Transmission Plant / Sharonville Ohio transmission plant
    • Lincoln LS and Ford Thunderbird
    • 2005–2010 Ford Mustang V6, GT[1]
  • 1980–1993 AOD—Ford's first 4-speed automatic transmission, based on the FMX but with a torque-splitting feature.
    • 1992– AOD-E—Electronic AOD
      • 1993–2008 4R70W—Strengthened AOD-E with lower 1st and 2nd gear ratios
        • Application vary by year
      • 2003–2008 4R75E & 4R75W
        • Applications vary by year
          • 4.2L, 4.6L, & 5.4L (2v & 3v)
            • Ford E-Series Van
          • Ford Mustang (GT and Mach 1)
  • AXOD family—Van Dyke Transmission
    • 1986–1991 AXOD—4-speed transaxle
      • Ford Taurus, Lincoln Continental, Mercury Sable
    • 1991–1993 AXOD-E—4-speed electronic transaxle
      • Ford Taurus, Lincoln Continental, Mercury Sable
    • 1994–2003 AX4S—4-speed electronic transaxle
      • Ford Taurus, Ford Windstar, Lincoln Continental, Mercury Sable
    • 1995–2007 AX4N/4F50N—4-speed electronic transaxle
      • Ford Freestar, Ford Taurus, Ford Windstar, Lincoln Continental, Mercury Monterey, Mercury Sable
  • 1980–1994 FLC—3-speed hydraulic transaxle
    • Ford Escort, Ford Tempo, Mercury Topaz, Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable, and Ford EXP
  • 1989–1997 4EAT-G—4-speed Mazda design transaxle
  • 1990–2003 F-4EAT—4-speed electronic transaxle—Mazda transaxle
    • Ford Escort, Mercury Tracer
  • 2000-2013 4F27E--Strengthened 4-speed F-4EAT
    • Ford Focus, Ford Transit Connect
  • 1994–2007 CD4E—4-speed transaxle, Batavia Transmission—Replaces the 4EAT-G transaxle
    • Ford Contour, Ford Escape, Ford Mondeo, Ford Probe, Mercury Cougar, Mercury Mariner, Mercury Mystique, Mazda Tribute, Mazda 626.
  • 2003.5–2010 5R110W – 5-speed automatic with Tow/Haul mode – Replaces 4R100 in Super Duty trucks
  • 2011–2019 6R140 - 6-speed automatic with Tow/Haul mode - Replaces 5R110W in Super Duty trucks.[2]
  • 2020-present 10R140 - 10-speed automatic with Tow/Haul Mode - Replaces the 6R140 in Super Duty trucks.
  • 2005–present Aisin AWF-21 6-speed
    • Lincoln MKZ (2006-2010), Ford Fusion AWD (2007-2009), Land Rover LR2
  • 2005–2007 ZF-Batavia CFT30—Continuously variable transaxle (CVT)
    • Ford Freestyle, Ford Five Hundred, Mercury Montego
  • 2005–2016 6R60 ZF 6-speed transmission
    • Ford Falcon (BF, FG)
    • Ford Territory (AWD)
  • 2006-2009 Ford FNR5 transmission - A 5 speed automatic from Mazda, uses Ford FNR5 fluid
    • Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan
  • 2006–2007 6R60 6-speed transmission
    • Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer
  • 2007–present 6R80 6-speed transmission
    • Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, 2009 Ford F-Series, 2011 Ford Mustang (V6 & GT), 2011 Ford Territory, 2011 Ford Ranger (Note: Global excluding USA)
  • 2007–present 6F50—6-speed transaxle, Van Dyke Transmission
    • Ford Edge, Ford Explorer, Lincoln MKX, Lincoln MKS, Ford Taurus, Ford Flex, Lincoln MKT, Lincoln MKZ (2010-Present)
  • 2009–present 6F35—6-speed transaxle, Van Dyke Transmission
    • Ford Escape, Ford Fusion, Ford Focus, Ford C-Max, Ford Kuga (in the Focus, C-Max and Kuga it is used with the 1.5 L4 Ecoboost. Also used with the ford escape in 2.0 L4 GTDI variant, and rated for vehicles up to 3.0L)[3]
  • 2009–present 6F55—6-speed transaxle (designed for use with the 3.5L Ecoboost V6)
    • Lincoln MKS, Ford Flex, Ford Taurus SHO, Lincoln MKT, Ford Explorer Sport (2013-present)
  • 2013-present HF35 Hybrid and Plug in Hybrid transaxle.
    • Ford Fusion HEV, Ford Fusion Energi PHEV, Ford C-Max HEV, Ford C-Max Energi PHEV, Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.
  • 2017- 10R80 Ford-GM 10-speed automatic transmission[4][5]
    • 2017 Ford F-150 (including Ford Raptor), Ford Expedition, Ford Mustang
  • 2017–present 6F15—6-speed transaxle (designed for use with the 1.0 Ecoboost to replace the DPS6 Powershift transmission)
    • Ford EcoSport, Ford Focus, Ford C-Max
  • 2017-present 8F35 8-speed transverse transmission[6] (1.5 and 2.0 EcoBoost, 2.0 Duratorq)
    • Ford Edge, Ford Escape (2020),[7]Ford Focus, Ford S-MAX, Ford Taurus
  • 2017-present 8F40 8-speed transverse transmission (2.0 EcoBlue)
    • Ford Edge, Ford Focus, Ford S-MAX, Ford Galaxy, Ford Mondeo, Ford Kuga, Ford Mustang
  • 2018-present 8F24 8-speed transverse transmission (1.5 EcoBlue)
  • 2018-present 8F57 8-speed transverse transmission for higher torque (2.7 V6 EcoBoost)
    • Ford Edge ST, Ford Explorer, Ford Fusion, Ford Taurus

Dual-clutch automatics[edit]

These are dual-clutch transmissions.

  • 2008-present 6DCT150 Ford Powershift 6-speed wet clutch
  • 2008–present 6DCT250 Ford Powershift (DPS6) 6-speed dry clutch
    • Ford EcoSport, Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus.
    • The 2012-2016 DPS6 Powershift transmission was used in the 2012-2016 Ford Focus and 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta sedans. This transmission is the subject of a massive number of lawsuits alleging Ford lied in order to sell cars Ford knew had defective transmissions.[8]
  • 2008-present 6DCT450 Ford Powershift (MPS6) 6-speed wet clutch
    • Ford Focus, Ford Mondeo, Ford Kuga, Ford Galaxy, Ford Fiesta, Ford C-Max, Ford S-Max
  • Getrag Transmissions
    • 2017-present 7DCL750 Getrag - 7-speed
      • Ford GT (2nd gen. V6)
  • Tremec Transmissions
    • 2020-present Tremec TR-9070 7-speed


  • 1960-1967 Ford/Mercury HED 3-speed transmission (non-syncro first gear)
  • 1968- Ford Type E (aka Built or 2000e) 4-speed transmission Came in Anglia 105E, Cortina MkI, Lotus Cortina MkI, Cortina MkII to up to '68, Consul Classic, Consul Capri, Corsair, Escort TC, Mexico Mk1 and RS1600 MkI.
  • 1976–1985 BC or BC4
  • 1982–1995 BC5
  • 1995-present IB5
  • MT75
    • Ford Sierra, Ford Granada, Ford Escort Cosworth, Ford Scorpio, Ford Transit
  • 1981–1994 MTX-III
  • 1989–1995 MTX-IV
  • MTX-75, 'Cologne' transmission
    • Ford Contour, Ford Escort, Ford Focus, Ford Mondeo, Jaguar X-Type, Mercury Cougar
  • Type 9 (or Type N, T-9)
    • Ford Capri 1.6, 2.0 1983 onwards, Capri 2.8 1982 onwards, Ford Sierra 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, Sierra XR4i, Sierra XR4x4 2.8, Merkur XR4Ti
    • New Process 435 heavy duty 4 speed transmission
    • Clark / Tremec 4 speed OD and SROD
  • Tremec or Borg-Warner transmissions
    • Borg-Warner T-18/T-19 transmissions - circa 1966-1991 Ford F-Series
    • Borg-Warner T-10 transmission – 1957–1965[9]
    • Borg-Warner T-5 transmission – Ford Sierra; 1983–1995 Ford Mustang; 2005–2009 Mustang V6
    • Tremec T-170/T-175/T176/T177 1984-1990+? F-series
    • Tremec T-45 transmission – 1996–1999 Mustang Cobra, 1996–2000 Mustang GT
    • Tremec T-56 transmission – 2000 Cobra R and 2003–2004 Mustang Cobra, Ford Falcon (BF) I6T and 5.4l V8 BF MK1 - BF MK11
    • Tremec TR-3650 transmission – 2001–2010 Mustang GT
    • Tremec TR-6060 transmission – 2007–present Ford Shelby GT500, Ford Falcon (FG) I6T, 5.4L and 5.0L supercharged V8
  • Getrag transmissions
    • Getrag MT-285 6-Speed Manual - 2002-2004 Focus SVT
    • Getrag MT-82 - 2011-present Mustang GT
  • Mazda M5OD transmissions
    • M5OD-R1 – Ford Ranger, Bronco II, Explorer, Aerostar.
    • M5OD-R1HD – Ford Ranger (4.0L V6 only)
    • M5OD-R2 – Thunderbird Super Coupe, Ford F-150, Bronco (except with 351 cu in (5.8 L) V8)
  • Toyo Kogyo (Early Mazda)
    • TK 4 4 speed manual (No Overdrive) (Ranger, Bronco II 83-85, Aerostar 85)
    • TK 5 5 speed manual (With overdrive) (Ranger, Bronco II 85-87, Aerostar 85-87)

Mitsubishi FM145/FM146 5 speed (overdrive) (Ranger/Bronco II 86-92 with 2.0L, 2.3L, and 2.9L engines only)


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24 problems related to transmission failure have been reported for the 2014 Ford Escape. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2014 Ford Escape based on all problems reported for the 2014 Escape.

Failure Date: 10/05/2020

Cause of failure is believed to be transmission failure (mileage 96,649). Customer was driving the vehicle (city street; approximately 35mph) and then suddenly the engine started revving (similar to the car being in neutral) and the vehicle speed started to slow down (due to the transmission not providing forward momentum). The vehicle was pulled over to a side street so it could be parked and safely removed from vehicle traffic. The vehicle is being assessed by the dealer we purchased it from (ganley Chrysler Dodge Jeep ram, 310 broadway Ave, bedford, OH 44146). I have read that other owners of 2014 Ford Escapes have had similar problems and concerns with their transmissions. I would like to know if Ford is going to issue a recall regarding this transmission.

Failure Date: 07/23/2020

I turned onto a highway and my transmission failed without warning, leaving my vehicle inoperable.

Failure Date: 07/07/2020
2014 ford escape transmission fault service now

Tl the contact owns a 2014 Ford Escape. The contact stated that while her daughter was driving at 65 mph, the vehicle stalled with the transmission service now warning light illuminated. The contact pulled off the roadway, turned the vehicle off and waited for a few seconds to restart the vehicle. The vehicle was restarted and temporarily resumed normal operations before stalling again. The contact was then unable to restart the vehicle. The vehicle was towed to fairway Ford (2761 e stone dr, kingsport, TN 37660) where it was determined that the transmission failed and needed to be replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure however, provided no further assistance. The failure mileage was approximately 83,333.

Failure Date: 06/30/2020

Transmission failure at 87k miles, first recommended service is at 120k miles. There is no dip stick for the transmission and no way to verify levels of atf. Guaranteed failure if the fluids are low. Placement transmission cost at dealership of a rebuild transmission is $5200. 00. Vehicle is int eh shop now being repaired. No documentation o this till it is complete. 503-849-5204 chad bentley.

Failure Date: 01/10/2020

On January 10, 2020 while vehicle was being driven at approximately 30 mph on public road with slight decline in road at that point, the SUV spontaneously disengaged from gear. When accelerator pedal was pressed, the engine would rev at high rate of speed but vehicle acted as though in neutral. The driver coasted to side of road, shut off engine for a couple of minutes, re-started, put into gear, at which time the SUV would lurch forward about 15 feet and then disengage again. Proceeded down the road this way until SUV could not advance at all, now at uphill. It was towed to closest repair garage where diagnosis was complete transmission failure. Prior to this incident, the vehicle had exhibited no signs whatsoever of transmission problems, no difficulties shifting into gears, no hesitation of automatic shifting between gears. It has been properly maintained. Mileage at time of event was approximately 79465 miles.

Failure Date: 12/13/2019

After pulling onto the highway, I attempted to accelerate my automatic 2014 Ford Escape. My engine revved, but I had no acceleration. It sounded as if I was in neutral. I tried to shift gears, but the issue persisted as my car nearly came to a halt on the busy highway. I was able to make it to the right lane even though it put me in front of an onramp and guard rail. I was beginning to lose any forward momentum to the point that my car was slipping backward. I pushed the brake. I was able to quickly turn off my car, turn it back on, and accelerate a few feet before I lost acceleration again. I did this 3 times before being able to safely pull off the highway past the onramp and guardrail. I was about 15 minutes from meeting up with my husband and two young girls to travel further onto a busy highway toward Friday afternoon boston traffic. I feel fortunate that the timing was what it was, but unfortunately, the issue was my transmission failed at only 92,000 on a vehicle from 2014. I just had the vehicle in the mechanic shop on the Tuesday prior to this Friday event, and was told there should be no issues taking it on the highway for a trip with the family. My vehicle was towed to the local vip for an assessment. We were told it was likely the transmission, which they said was a 'known issue' in this make and model. Fuming at the thought of this being a 'known issue' and understanding the implications of this cost, I did a quick search. Sure enough, there are myriad people that have experienced this at 40,000, 70,000 and 90,000 miles on this same make and model. We had it towed to our local mechanic who assessed it independently of vip and shared again that this is a 'known issue' with this make and model. I have to wonder why this 'known dangerous issue' has not prompted a recall. Happy to provide my bill for the repair, which will take place 12/30.

Failure Date: 12/12/2019

2014 Ford Escape-79k miles- while driving the car wouldn't give power and hesitated when trying to take off. Also puttered and eventually didn't want to drive at all. I had to shut off the car in the middle of the road and restart it to get it to move and eventually made it home doing this several times. Thankfully I was not on the highway as it would have been a complete disaster. Took the car to my mechanic the next morning, mechanic informed me the transmission fluid level was full but transmission had failed. Said this is rare for a fairly unused car with low miles but common problem in Ford Escapes. I left the mechanic in tears with a $125. 00 fee and a $3,500 quote to have it repaired. Working on those funds now to repair the car, which is not yet paid off. If it was I would trade it in and never get another Ford again. Incredibly frustrating. I've had a Honda accord with 200k+ miles and this never happened. Along with my Toyota highlander. Ford needs to do something and recall this issue along with reimbursements because this is insane.

Failure Date: 11/15/2019

Transmission failed at 70,000 miles while traveling 60 miles per hour on a state highway. Lurched 2 - 3 times then transmission failure light went off. No power at all. Fortunately there no were vehicles behind me or surely I would have been rear ended. Was able to get off road. Need total replacement $3,700. 5 payments left on original loan. Extended warranty at dealer was too expensive.

Failure Date: 11/13/2019

2014 Ford Escape transmission failed while driving in traffic, it lurched had we been on a freeway we are certain this would have been catastrophic.

Failure Date: 09/16/2019

Transmission. The transmission in this vehicle dies at around 70,000 miles. This is a known defect and Ford has not yet issued a recall. My daughter almost got into an accident due to the transmission failing. It is reprehensible that Ford is allowing this to go without a recall. They are putting peoples life at risk due to greed.

Failure Date: 09/07/2019

Transmission failed and extended warranty replaced the transmission, the current transmission failed without warningto the operator while driving at 45 miles an hour in moderate traffic, loss of life was just narrowly avoided due to uncoming traffic. Does someone gave to be deseased in a car accident before this is fixed on these vehicles.

Failure Date: 07/16/2019

The transmission failed at 94,000 miles. I am having trouble finding a transmission that has not failed.

Failure Date: 06/16/2019
2014 ford escape transmission shudder

2014 Ford Escape 1. 6l 80,000 mi. Just like hundreds on this site and most likely thousands across the us - transmission failure while driving with no warning. Extremely dangerous and possibly deadly yet NHTSA and Ford refuse to acknowledge recurring problem with a faulty transmission recall. A 5 yr old vehicle with a yearly avg of 16,000 mi. Should not require a transmission replacement at a cost of $5000 to the owner. My only hope is people use this site to research vehicle purchases and avoid making the same mistake as me and thousands of others. There are two types of Ford Escape - ones that have had premature transmission failure and ones that soon will.

Failure Date: 03/28/2019

At freeway speed, the transmission on our 2014 Ford Escape failed, causing the car to immediately slow down. My teenage daughter was able to get the car onto the freeway shoulder. Per the service manager at the Ford dealership where the car was towed, they see a lot of these transmissions failing. The car had around 60,000 miles, which is far too early for a transmission failure. Ford claims they can't do anything about this issue since there is no recall for failing transmissions. The NHTSA must act before a serious injury or death occurs as a result of the poor design or manufacture of these transmissions. Many of these cars are coming into the same mileage as our vehicle, so the numbers of these failures will begin to surge.

Failure Date: 03/06/2019

Transmission fail: we were driving our 2014 Ford Escape at time of the fail. Turning into traffic and the car wouldnt go almost caused a car to hint us cause we couldnt go we couldnt get out of the way. Ford is saying its the transmission line not building enough pressure to change gears. We took it Ford one yr ago because it was shifting right from 2nd gear, they changed the fluids said it tested fine at thos time. One yr to the day transmission fails.

Failure Date: 01/04/2019

As I was driving up a hill on the highway, the transmission shifted down harshly. At the next exit, I got to the first traffic light where the transmission shifted down, again extremely harshly. When the light turned green, the car was able to move forward into the intersection but failed to shift up, and would not put any power down in first gear either. The stopped moving in the intersection. I turned off the car, and turned it back on again. There was an extremely jarring motion as it went from park to first, and I was able to get it off the road into a parking lot. In the morning, the car would not shift, and I had it towed to a dealer for repair. The mechanic said that the transmission fluid was burnt and metal shavings had collected in the fluid from a fault internal to the transmission. The new transmission was $5748. 19 for a car less than 5 years old and under 100,000 miles. This is a safety issue with the transmission failing with no warning in traffic.

Failure Date: 12/27/2018

The vehicle, when driving it, has stalled out completely on a busy city street. Was able to quickly start it. When merging onto a freeway, I could not gain speed, SUV would not shift into a higher gear and a very loud sound was heard. Again, I could not accelerate in a safe manner when merging onto a us highway. The next day the same problem was noted on a very busy city street. Could not accelerate and luckily was not rear ended. Took to dealership and diagnostic report resulted in internal transmission failure at 68,700 miles.

Failure Date: 11/19/2018

Tl the contact owns a 2014 Ford Escape. While driving 50 mph, the vehicle jerked and the gear shifted into first gear independently. All of the warning indicators illuminated on the instrument panel. Once the vehicle was shut off and restarted, it resumed normal operation. The contact took the vehicle to an independent mechanic who diagnosed that the transmission cables failed and a new transmission was needed. The vehicle was not repaired. The dealer (porter Ford, 600 ogletown rd, newark, DE 19711, 302-738-0800) was contacted and stated that the VIN was not included in a recall. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure and confirmed that there were no recalls. The failure mileage was 65,000.

Failure Date: 11/19/2018

'transmission failure, service now' comes up only when driving over 50 mph on highway. It first happened about two years ago when the vehicle was just over 2 years old. The dealership reset the computer and I was fine for about 6 months. I took it to another dealer (I had moved to another state) and was told the transmission would need to be rebuilt because they could't figure out why it was throwing this code. This was in September of 2017. I bought the vehicle brand new in 2014. The car still drove fine. Then in the summer of 2018, it began overheating. I now live in the desert so this is common here. I took it in and had the head gasket, engine block and temp. Gauge replaced. All was well until I started driving on the highway again. Then the same code came up. The problems and money that I have had to dump into this car is ridiculous. I have already spent more than $5k this year alone on repairs and still have the same transmission code being thrown so I can't even pass an emissions test to register the vehicle.

Failure Date: 10/25/2018

Tl-the contact owns a 2014 Ford Escape. The contact stated that while stationary, in the park position, the vehicle rolled backwards and crashed into the neighbors' vehicle. The contact exited the vehicle prior to the rollaway. The contact stated that the driver's door clipped onto the car port housing, in which the vehicle was parked under, and the driver's door hindge fractured. Upon impact with the rear spare tire mount of the neighbor's vehicle, the air bags did not deploy. A police report was filed. There were no injuries sustained, as the contact was not in the vehicle at the time of the crash and neither was the neighbor. The contact called the insurance company and remained in possession of the vehicle thereafter. In addition, an autobody repair shop was made aware of the rollaway. A dealer was not contacted about the failure. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The contact stated that the transmission was replaced with the rebuilt tranmission, prior to the failure, and that the vehicle had a history of transmission failures and/or repairs prior to the incident. The failure mileage was approximately 25,000. Ad.

Failure Date: 09/27/2018

Transmission failure. I have heard that this is a common problem in the 2014 Ford Escape. The warning only happened while highway driving.

Failure Date: 09/01/2018

2014 Ford Escape Transmission Fill

My vehicle began to exhibit signs of a failing transmission at 60,000 miles. Shifting was difficult, particularly between 1st and 2nd gear. A few times, it failed to shift from park to reverse at all. I had Ford look at it, and they recommended replacing the transmission. When I took it in, I was around 60,500 miles, 500 miles over my power train warranty. They quoted a $7,000 fix. I had owned the vehicle for less than 2 years, and it was less than 4 years old. While I had records, including a claim number, for another Ford customer with the same transmission (in the fusion) and same issues, they covered 2/3 of that customer's repair and refused to cover a dime of mine. After being dismissed, ignored, and ultimately placated several times by Ford representatives, I finally was forced to take it to a third-party mechanic, who replaced my transmission at 61,000 miles for $4,000. Despite having a refurbished transmission in my vehicle now, I still experience transmission issues from time to time (difficulty shifting, hard shifting on freeway, etc. ). In the end, this transmission is faulty at best, as Ford's only transmission model without a recall *. While Ford indicates they have no official documented issues with the 6f35 transmission, a simple google search reveals that transmission failure is the #1 issue reported by consumers with the Ford Escape. As a young professional working in research, I recognize that internet searches can be misleading. To be thorough, I checked over 20 different Ford consumer pages and of those pages, every single one showed a significantly higher report of transmission issues than any other issue, with the average mileage of these issues occurring around 50,000 � 70,000 miles. It irresponsible and unacceptable for Ford to have no official documented issues on file regarding the 6f35 transmission.

Failure Date: 09/12/2017

108,000 miles going down expressway at 75 mph when the transmission catastrophically failed and had to coast onto the side of the expressway. Complete transmission at just over 100,000 miles on a 2014 (only 3 years) old is not acceptable and could create unsafe driving conditions. I was fortunate to be able to coast to the shoulder.

Failure Date: 09/01/2017

Tl the contact owns a 2014 Ford Escape. While driving various speeds, the vehicle would not immediately accelerate when depressing the accelerator pedal. The contact indicated that the failure was intermittent. On several occasions, the 'transmission failure' message displayed. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic who changed the transmission fluid, but the failure continued. The manufacturer was notified of the failure, but no assistance was offered. The local dealer was not notified. The VIN was not available. The failure mileage was 38,000.

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