2006 F150 Transmission

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  • E – this indicates that your F150 is a four-speed automatic overdrive and uses a 4R100 transmission M – this reveals that your F150 is a five-speed manual overdrive and uses a Mazda M5R2-C transmission U – this identifies a four-speed automatic in your F150, with an AODE-W/4R70W transmission required for operation.

2006 Ford f-140 trition 5. 4 liter flex fuel v-8 engine and 4 speed automatic transmission hesitates when accelerating from stop signs or lights and when merging with highway / interstate traffic. Automatic Transmission problem 6 Failure Date. Ford F150 2006 Transmission fault light periodically comes on, a mechanic cannot find a problem, what is the deal? - Ford 2006 F-150 question. Browse Categories Answer Questions. 2006 Ford F-150; Ford F-150 Car and Truck; Ford Car and Truck; Cars & Trucks. FORD 2006 F-150 5.4L V8 Transmission-Automatic Automatic Transmission Assembly. Price: Core: Total: Alternate: No parts for vehicles in selected markets.


  • 1950–1965 Ford-O-Matic
  • 1958–1979 Cruise-O-Matic
    • 1968–1981 FMX—A hybrid of the FX and MX
    • 1964–1981 C4
      • Most small-block V8 powered cars of the 1960s and 1970s in the North American market
    • 1966–1996 C6
      • Most big-block V8 powered cars/trucks of the 1960s and 1970s in the North American market, All Fseries trucks without O/D, 80 thru 96 (97 For F250HD, F350, and F-Superduty models)
    • 1974–1989 C3—Light-duty, smaller than the C4
    • 1982–1986 C5—Improved C4, with a lock-up converter
    • 1985–1994 A4LD—C3 with overdrive
    • 1989–1996 E4OD—C6 with overdrive
    • 1998–2004 4R100—Replaces the E4OD transmission
    • 1995–2001 4R44E—Electronically controlled A4LD, light-duty
    • 1995–1997 4R55E—Electronically controlled A4LD, heavy-duty
  • 1997–Current 5R44/5R55 Series—5-speed 5R44E/5R55E/N/S/W based on the 4R44E/4R55E, Bordeaux Automatic Transmission Plant / Sharonville Ohio transmission plant
    • Lincoln LS and Ford Thunderbird
    • 2005–2010 Ford Mustang V6, GT[1]
  • 1980–1993 AOD—Ford's first 4-speed automatic transmission, based on the FMX but with a torque-splitting feature.
    • 1992– AOD-E—Electronic AOD
      • 1993–2008 4R70W—Strengthened AOD-E with lower 1st and 2nd gear ratios
        • Application vary by year
      • 2003–2008 4R75E & 4R75W
        • Applications vary by year
          • 4.2L, 4.6L, & 5.4L (2v & 3v)
            • Ford E-Series Van
          • Ford Mustang (GT and Mach 1)
  • AXOD family—Van Dyke Transmission
    • 1986–1991 AXOD—4-speed transaxle
      • Ford Taurus, Lincoln Continental, Mercury Sable
    • 1991–1993 AXOD-E—4-speed electronic transaxle
      • Ford Taurus, Lincoln Continental, Mercury Sable
    • 1994–2003 AX4S—4-speed electronic transaxle
      • Ford Taurus, Ford Windstar, Lincoln Continental, Mercury Sable
    • 1995–2007 AX4N/4F50N—4-speed electronic transaxle
      • Ford Freestar, Ford Taurus, Ford Windstar, Lincoln Continental, Mercury Monterey, Mercury Sable
  • 1980–1994 FLC—3-speed hydraulic transaxle
    • Ford Escort, Ford Tempo, Mercury Topaz, Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable, and Ford EXP
  • 1989–1997 4EAT-G—4-speed Mazda design transaxle
  • 1990–2003 F-4EAT—4-speed electronic transaxle—Mazda transaxle
    • Ford Escort, Mercury Tracer
  • 2000-2013 4F27E--Strengthened 4-speed F-4EAT
    • Ford Focus, Ford Transit Connect
  • 1994–2007 CD4E—4-speed transaxle, Batavia Transmission—Replaces the 4EAT-G transaxle
    • Ford Contour, Ford Escape, Ford Mondeo, Ford Probe, Mercury Cougar, Mercury Mariner, Mercury Mystique, Mazda Tribute, Mazda 626.
  • 2003.5–2010 5R110W – 5-speed automatic with Tow/Haul mode – Replaces 4R100 in Super Duty trucks
  • 2011–2019 6R140 - 6-speed automatic with Tow/Haul mode - Replaces 5R110W in Super Duty trucks.[2]
  • 2020-present 10R140 - 10-speed automatic with Tow/Haul Mode - Replaces the 6R140 in Super Duty trucks.
  • 2005–present Aisin AWF-21 6-speed
    • Lincoln MKZ (2006-2010), Ford Fusion AWD (2007-2009), Land Rover LR2
  • 2005–2007 ZF-Batavia CFT30—Continuously variable transaxle (CVT)
    • Ford Freestyle, Ford Five Hundred, Mercury Montego
  • 2005–2016 6R60 ZF 6-speed transmission
    • Ford Falcon (BF, FG)
    • Ford Territory (AWD)
  • 2006-2009 Ford FNR5 transmission - A 5 speed automatic from Mazda, uses Ford FNR5 fluid
    • Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan
  • 2006–2007 6R60 6-speed transmission
    • Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer
  • 2007–present 6R80 6-speed transmission
    • Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, 2009 Ford F-Series, 2011 Ford Mustang (V6 & GT), 2011 Ford Territory, 2011 Ford Ranger (Note: Global excluding USA)
  • 2007–present 6F50—6-speed transaxle, Van Dyke Transmission
    • Ford Edge, Ford Explorer, Lincoln MKX, Lincoln MKS, Ford Taurus, Ford Flex, Lincoln MKT, Lincoln MKZ (2010-Present)
  • 2009–present 6F35—6-speed transaxle, Van Dyke Transmission
    • Ford Escape, Ford Fusion, Ford Focus, Ford C-Max, Ford Kuga (in the Focus, C-Max and Kuga it is used with the 1.5 L4 Ecoboost. Also used with the ford escape in 2.0 L4 GTDI variant, and rated for vehicles up to 3.0L)[3]
  • 2009–present 6F55—6-speed transaxle (designed for use with the 3.5L Ecoboost V6)
    • Lincoln MKS, Ford Flex, Ford Taurus SHO, Lincoln MKT, Ford Explorer Sport (2013-present)
  • 2013-present HF35 Hybrid and Plug in Hybrid transaxle.
    • Ford Fusion HEV, Ford Fusion Energi PHEV, Ford C-Max HEV, Ford C-Max Energi PHEV, Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.
  • 2017- 10R80 Ford-GM 10-speed automatic transmission[4][5]
    • 2017 Ford F-150 (including Ford Raptor), Ford Expedition, Ford Mustang
  • 2017–present 6F15—6-speed transaxle (designed for use with the 1.0 Ecoboost to replace the DPS6 Powershift transmission)
    • Ford EcoSport, Ford Focus, Ford C-Max
  • 2017-present 8F35 8-speed transverse transmission[6] (1.5 and 2.0 EcoBoost, 2.0 Duratorq)
    • Ford Edge, Ford Escape (2020),[7]Ford Focus, Ford S-MAX, Ford Taurus
  • 2017-present 8F40 8-speed transverse transmission (2.0 EcoBlue)
    • Ford Edge, Ford Focus, Ford S-MAX, Ford Galaxy, Ford Mondeo, Ford Kuga, Ford Mustang
  • 2018-present 8F24 8-speed transverse transmission (1.5 EcoBlue)
  • 2018-present 8F57 8-speed transverse transmission for higher torque (2.7 V6 EcoBoost)
    • Ford Edge ST, Ford Explorer, Ford Fusion, Ford Taurus

Dual-clutch automatics[edit]

These are dual-clutch transmissions.

  • 2008-present 6DCT150 Ford Powershift 6-speed wet clutch
  • 2008–present 6DCT250 Ford Powershift (DPS6) 6-speed dry clutch
    • Ford EcoSport, Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus.
    • The 2012-2016 DPS6 Powershift transmission was used in the 2012-2016 Ford Focus and 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta sedans. This transmission is the subject of a massive number of lawsuits alleging Ford lied in order to sell cars Ford knew had defective transmissions.[8]
  • 2008-present 6DCT450 Ford Powershift (MPS6) 6-speed wet clutch
    • Ford Focus, Ford Mondeo, Ford Kuga, Ford Galaxy, Ford Fiesta, Ford C-Max, Ford S-Max
  • Getrag Transmissions
    • 2017-present 7DCL750 Getrag - 7-speed
      • Ford GT (2nd gen. V6)
  • Tremec Transmissions
    • 2020-present Tremec TR-9070 7-speed


  • 1960-1967 Ford/Mercury HED 3-speed transmission (non-syncro first gear)
  • 1968- Ford Type E (aka Built or 2000e) 4-speed transmission Came in Anglia 105E, Cortina MkI, Lotus Cortina MkI, Cortina MkII to up to '68, Consul Classic, Consul Capri, Corsair, Escort TC, Mexico Mk1 and RS1600 MkI.
  • 1976–1985 BC or BC4
  • 1982–1995 BC5
  • 1995-present IB5
  • MT75
    • Ford Sierra, Ford Granada, Ford Escort Cosworth, Ford Scorpio, Ford Transit
  • 1981–1994 MTX-III
  • 1989–1995 MTX-IV
  • MTX-75, 'Cologne' transmission
    • Ford Contour, Ford Escort, Ford Focus, Ford Mondeo, Jaguar X-Type, Mercury Cougar
  • Type 9 (or Type N, T-9)
    • Ford Capri 1.6, 2.0 1983 onwards, Capri 2.8 1982 onwards, Ford Sierra 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, Sierra XR4i, Sierra XR4x4 2.8, Merkur XR4Ti
    • New Process 435 heavy duty 4 speed transmission
    • Clark / Tremec 4 speed OD and SROD
  • Tremec or Borg-Warner transmissions
    • Borg-Warner T-18/T-19 transmissions - circa 1966-1991 Ford F-Series
    • Borg-Warner T-10 transmission – 1957–1965[9]
    • Borg-Warner T-5 transmission – Ford Sierra; 1983–1995 Ford Mustang; 2005–2009 Mustang V6
    • Tremec T-170/T-175/T176/T177 1984-1990+? F-series
    • Tremec T-45 transmission – 1996–1999 Mustang Cobra, 1996–2000 Mustang GT
    • Tremec T-56 transmission – 2000 Cobra R and 2003–2004 Mustang Cobra, Ford Falcon (BF) I6T and 5.4l V8 BF MK1 - BF MK11
    • Tremec TR-3650 transmission – 2001–2010 Mustang GT
    • Tremec TR-6060 transmission – 2007–present Ford Shelby GT500, Ford Falcon (FG) I6T, 5.4L and 5.0L supercharged V8
  • Getrag transmissions
    • Getrag MT-285 6-Speed Manual - 2002-2004 Focus SVT
    • Getrag MT-82 - 2011-present Mustang GT
  • Mazda M5OD transmissions
    • M5OD-R1 – Ford Ranger, Bronco II, Explorer, Aerostar.
    • M5OD-R1HD – Ford Ranger (4.0L V6 only)
    • M5OD-R2 – Thunderbird Super Coupe, Ford F-150, Bronco (except with 351 cu in (5.8 L) V8)
  • Toyo Kogyo (Early Mazda)
    • TK 4 4 speed manual (No Overdrive) (Ranger, Bronco II 83-85, Aerostar 85)
    • TK 5 5 speed manual (With overdrive) (Ranger, Bronco II 85-87, Aerostar 85-87)

Mitsubishi FM145/FM146 5 speed (overdrive) (Ranger/Bronco II 86-92 with 2.0L, 2.3L, and 2.9L engines only)


2006 f-150 transmission warranty
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2006 Ford F-150

Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
64,200 miles
Total Complaints:
9 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. Replace transmission (7 reports)
  2. rebuild transmission (2 reports)

transmission problem

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  • Buy A Tundra Next Time - These are built in the US and although owned by the Japanese you will service and support them here as well. I wish I would have bought it the first time around!

2006 Ford F-150 Owner Comments

problem #9

F-150 Lariat 5.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 54,600 miles

2006 Ford F150! 54600 easy in town miles, no towing, no racing, no nothing except driving to and from work and what do I get for it..a BLOWN TRANSMISSION! Seriously, 54600 miles and I have to put a rebuilt tranny in this thing? F Ford, I'll never buy another one of their POS products!

I have a 91 MR2 turbo driving a helluva lot harder with 180000 miles and all I've ever had to replace on that was a clutch! I've owned other Asian autos that all had 3-4 times the miles of this crappy truck with no major issues! Not to mention, this truck has had other annoying issues, shifter top broke off, turn signal stopped working, paint on roof cracking and looks bad, cracks in the 3rd brake light from what I don't know!

NEVER EVER AGAIN will I give this company any of my money! As soon as I get this back from the repair I'm going shopping for a foreign car!

- mroct31, Valencia, CA, US

problem #8


  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

How can you have a truck with only 60,000 miles on it and the transmission go out and Ford refuse to take any responsibility for it?

- M S., Cleveland, AL, US

problem #7

F-150 XLT 5.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 58,000 miles

low milage, well cared for, all fluids changed at correct time, never pulled trailer or even drove fast. I didnt get any explantion why before i called Ford customer service, they didnt even want to honor extenend warranty

they were going to charge me 4300 dollars

- sadjerry, Milford, MI, US

problem #6

F-150 Lariat 5.4L Triton

  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,345 miles


Back in 2006 I was looking for my first pickup truck and after much vetting between Chevy, Toyota, and Ford decided on the Ford. The history and heritage were part of the decision, especially when it came to durability. I had several friends and associates that had very good things to say and had zero issues. Fast forward to 6 years and 90K miles of mostly highway, no towing and following scheduled maintenance by the book, my transmission fails. While trying to back up out of the blue the vehicle would not move. My first thought was that maybe the control module had failed. Boy was I shocked to hear the transmission needed to be replaced.

2006 F150 Transmission

The next day I wrote Ford and explained the situation hoping to hear that they cared about a first time customer that is also in the market for a replacement for a 2002 vehicle I have. Well let me tell you they really DO NOT CARE. Their response was 'I regret to hear that you no longer consider Ford a good product and will not look at us for your next purchase. I hope to regain your confidence in our products and services in the near future.' REALLY, did he even listen.

I do want to say that the dealer did go out of their way to see what they could do to help me out. There is a program through the oil supplier that if you follow the maintenance schedule and use their oil, they may compansate the repair up to $1,000. Unfortunately this dealer only sells Ford, so by Ford's actions they as well have lost my business.

- Raymond T., Davenport, IA, US

problem #2006 f-150 transmission cooler line location5

2006 F150 Transmission Pan


  • Automatic transmission
  • 65,000 miles

This shouldn't happen. My husband's f-150 50000 did the same thing

- Vivian T., Indianapolis, IN, US

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problem #4

F-150 5.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 55,000 miles

My son's 2006 F-150, with 55,000 miles on it, blew the tranny. It wouldn't shift above second gear. Had to have a rebuilt one, cost $2,900. Mechanic also had an Explorer in that had the same symptoms with 59,000 miles. My daughters Taurus blew it's tranny at 95,000. Other son's 2004 F-150 has 160,000 miles on it and no problems, yet. I don't want to give business to 'Government Motors' and refuse to buy foreign. What to do???

- Mike L., Indiana, PA, US

problem #3

F-150 XLT 5.4L Triton

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

I have a 2006 Ford F150 XLT 5.4 Triton at around 100,000 Km (60K miles) I'm driving and the car appears to go into neutral. I stop and pull over and check the transmission fluid, it's OK. I pull away and at about 60Km/h (40mph) it does it again, RPM goes way up, no drive. It works fine with OD turned off. It was under extended warranty so the $3,000 repair was covered. Now a couple of weeks later it does the same thing but intermittently, I bring it back in but it works fine most of the time so they can't see it and no codes show up. So I guess I have to keep driving it until it fails permanently again, it's nerve racking not knowing when it's going to into neutral again, what happens if I'm passing and it happens, it could cause a fatal accident. The Ford dealer isn't going to take the transmission apart again unless they see it fail. Any ideas, besides trade the damn thing in.

- mcb, Victoria, BC, Canada

problem #2

F-150 XLT 5.4L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 59,800 miles

I purchased a Brand new truck so I could know exactly how it was taken care of as it got older. I have never pulled anything heavy or over loaded the transmission. Did the regular maintenance that is required and some extra stuff to make sure the truck would last a good long time. Two days ago I noticed a slight hesitation when I started the truck in the morning and left for work. Yesterday it wouldn't shift into 3 gear instead just missing and revving out. I got a phone call from the Transmission shop today telling me I need a total rebuild. Not even 60,000 miles on it and I have to put in a completely new Tranny. I will never EVER buy another ford product.

- Dexter F., Thornton, CO, US

problem #12006 F150 Transmission

F-150 5.4L V8

2006 F150 Transmission

  • Automatic transmission
  • 75,000 miles

can't believe my 2006 transmission had a catastrophic failure at 75,000 miles...all highway never towed a thing....no wonder toyota is taking market share....

- Sean D., Mentor, OH, US